Canadian figure skater says she was unaware of abu

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Canadian figure skater says she was unaware of abuse allegations against former partner | CBC Sports - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Canadian figure skater Vanessa James says she’s “deeply disappointed” in her former French partner Morgan Cipres, and had no knowledge of abusive behaviour while the two were competing together.

Jameswho booked a jab for Wednesday., who competed with Cipres for France at the 2014 and ’18 Olympics, recently came out of retirement to skate with Canada’s two-time world champion Eric Radford.

During a conference call on Thursday ahead of next week’s Skate Canada International, the 34-year-old James was asked about Cipres.

“I’m deeply disappointed that my ex-partner was engaging in that type of behaviourcan serve up to six people per table., it’s extremely important that we believe victims and support them. And I really commend them for their braveryRetail spaces,” said James, who holds Canadian citizenship.

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