Russia is the most popular to restrict the import

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Russia restricts the import of foreign made equipment in the national defense industry, encourages domestic production, and has a huge impact on the plastics and plastic waste recycling industry. According to China's national defense science and technology information report, the Russian government station announced on December 26 that the Russian government has issued a ban, which greatly improves the effectiveness of local made equipment and external management and utilization. The main reason for the equivalence of domestic made equipment is that it wears out cutting tools very quickly, It is forbidden to purchase foreign made equipment for its national defense industry

the statement said that because these devices must be placed in a well ventilated place, this will help ensure the technical independence of the Russian Defense Industry and support Russian producers by protecting the domestic market

metallurgical machinery and metal casting equipment are on the list of restricted foreign equipment that came into effect on January 1, 2014

the statement said that if the imported foreign equipment does not have equivalent local equipment, it will not be subject to value-added tax

the Ministry of trade and industry of Russia is responsible for checking whether these equipment are made in China according to the statement

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