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Russia has built an electronic barrier for small unmanned aerial vehicles and added nemesis. The anti unmanned aerial vehicle system can identify foreign unmanned aerial vehicles, automatically shield their communication and navigation and other radio signals, cut off their contact with the operator, and force them to return. The picture comes from Luo

Science and technology, Beijing, March 26 (Intern Hu Dingkun). Small unmanned aerial vehicles are difficult to find and intercept because of their small size, slow speed and low flying altitude. A few days ago, Russia unveiled an anti UAV system that can identify "enemy and ourselves" and block "enemy" radio signals, adding new nemesis to small UAVs

the system is called "attack DBS", which is developed by the electronics company under the Russian technology group. It can screen and identify foreign UAVs according to the radio frequency characteristics of the target airspace, automatically shield their communication, navigation and other radio signals, cut off their contact with the operator, and force them to land or return according to the preset procedures. It is particularly noteworthy that "attack DBS" can run automatically without human intervention

it is reported that each set of "attack DBS" system is enough to detect and find the UAV that intrudes within a radius of 1500 meters, prevent it from entering the airspace with a radius of 1000 meters, and will alarm the security personnel in the target area through text messages or emails

evtushenko, executive president of Russian technology group, said that the "attack DBS" system will not affect the normal operation of its own UAV when it stops foreign small UAVs. This system can be used to protect energy enterprises, airports and no fly zones in urban areas

in recent years, small unmanned aerial vehicles have been causing trouble. Some "mantis arms dangche", leading to delays in passenger aircraft; Some intruded into the restricted area and other environmental factors, such as the degree of pollution, which attracted fighters to intercept; Some suddenly fell and injured innocent passers-by; What's more, it becomes a weapon for assassination or war

on August 4, 2018, Venezuelan President Maduro was attacked by a suicide bomber during a military parade. Snipers shot down the drone in time to avoid tragedy. In short, at the end of 2017, the Russian base in Syria was attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the sensitivity introduction of the rally aircraft, the Russian air defense forces "gunfire" plus electronic interference were able to eliminate all "invaders"

in the face of the threat of small unmanned aerial vehicles, all military powers have launched countermeasures. In June, 2018, the U.S. Army shot down 45 unmanned aerial vehicles at one time using Raytheon's laser and microwave weapons. Britain, Israel and other countries have also introduced electronic jamming systems that can block the control signals of UAVs. Whether the anti UAV equipment of various countries is strong or weak, I'm afraid we have to see the truth in actual combat

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Should we check whether the sensor is normal? The general data obtained by measuring the sensor with a multimeter resistance block is: About 405 Ω at the input end; The output end is about 340 Ω; The resistance of any one end and the other two leads is 280 Ω

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