Russia is planning to impose a 10% export tariff o

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Russia is planning to implement a 10% export tariff on copper

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the Ministry of finance of the Russian Federation proposes to impose an export tariff of 10% on copper and a floating tax rate of 30% on nickel. This measure will be able to absorb additional funds for the national budget that has suffered from deficits in the past two years. 3. The maximum amplitude of the actuator: 75mm (the cylinder stroke is 0 (1) 50mm)

Ilya trunen, director of the tax and Tariff Policy Department of the Russian Ministry of finance, announced that the final decision on imposing tariffs on copper and nickel would be decided by the government of the Russian Federation. Trenin said that these tax rates may be implemented in 2011, or earlier

trunin said that the difference between the maximum export tariff of nickel and the actual price of 20000 rubles per ton would reach 30%. Ad valorem tariffs will be set according to the price of nickel on the world market. At the same time, when the price exceeds 12000 rubles per ton, the tariff rate of nickel will be 5%. Thus, the result of the tariff on nickel is that the budget in 2011 will increase by 14billion rubles, while the result of the tariff on copper is that the budget in 2011 will increase by 8billion rubles

trunin said that the Ministry of Finance plans to increase the budget of the Russian Federation by 200billion rubles in 2011, but in fact, the higher the resolution, the better. This index will grow to 370billion rubles in 2012 and reach 500billion rubles in 2013. The way to increase budget revenue will be to raise taxes and tariffs. Telunin also announced that the government plans to significantly increase the mining tax on oil and gas

about a month and a half ago, the representative of the Russian Ministry of economic development announced that the federal government intended to impose export tariffs on copper, but did not announce the amount of tax rate. And plans to adjust the tariff rate of nickel. At the same time, the issue of imposing export tariffs on chemical fertilizers was also discussed

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