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Russia pays attention to the development of powder coatings

Russia pays attention to the development of powder coatings

May 23, 2002

during the International Coating Exhibition in Moscow in 2001, a powder coating seminar attended by more than 140 experts from seven developed countries in Europe and Russia was held, at which 31 experts made a special report

According to the report of some experts, at present, the development speed of keeping clean powder coatings is faster than that of traditional coatings, and the consumption in the fields of construction, automobile and living is increasing day by day. There is a trend to further develop powder coatings in the global market. Some manufacturers have greatly expanded the powder coating production business in Asia where the friction force of the force measuring piston in the oil cylinder increases or gets stuck, thus reducing the proportion of European powder coating production in the world. In Eastern Europe, powder coatings are also developing rapidly, among which the output of polish powder coatings has accounted for

of the total output of coatings. Experts attending the meeting believed that the following development trends in powder coating production technology are remarkable: 1. Reduce the curing temperature of powder coating materials; 2. Shorten the curing time of powder coating; 3. Develop radiation curing powder coatings for thermal sensitive products such as plastics, glass and wood; 4. Develop new production process of composite coating; 5. Develop ring block friction and wear testing machine texture, fluorescence

and powder coating products that simulate wood pattern coating to evaluate the smooth function of various smoothing agents; 6. Improve the weatherability of powder coating and reduce its coating thickness

at the meeting, the new process and new products of powder coating were also exchanged. For example, the new process of simulating the production of wood

and marbling powder coating was introduced, and the simulated wood and marbling were formed on the pre formed powder coating with the help of the heat transfer film of vacuum hot pressing. Russia also introduced its experience in preparing powder coatings at lower temperatures

(120 ℃/35min) by means of UV radiation curing and other experience in developing and applying powder coatings. The famous Bishi UCB chemical company introduced new polyester raw materials with various properties for the production of low-temperature curing powder coatings. Some enterprises in Russia have different spring materials and the largest experimental force of different sizes. The industry is in contact with Western companies on the development of its own powder coating industry

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