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Precision extrusion control can effectively reduce raw material consumption

meiqui has recently developed a simple and low-cost extension product using linemastertm technology, called LINEMASTER AC. Combined with the precision weighing of Maguire weight scale blender, this product can be used in the standard LINEMASTER system. Through the weight-loss (LIW) hopper, it can provide super accurate feedback of raw material consumption data

for most companies running extrusion production lines, it has always been too complex or expensive to establish a raw material management system for the extrusion process. Three years ago, meguire developed linemastertm software, which works in coordination with Maguire gravimetric gateway ("G2") mixer network software to provide a cheap, easy to operate, ultra precise extrusion control system, thus kicking away these two stumbling blocks. Extrusion processing companies, regardless of their size, can use the standard LINEMASTER system to enhance product consistency, save raw materials, shorten preparation time and reduce waste. The newly developed LINEMASTER AC system allows processing lines that frequently cycle up and down, such as film turnover, or production lines that have particularly serious problems caused by inconsistent extrusion rates (such as coextrusion production lines) to enjoy these advantages

if only raw materials are saved, the investment of standard LINEMASTER system or "AC" LINEMASTER system can be recovered in just a few months. For example, by reducing the tolerance of the average thickness of the film, a film blowing processing equipment located in a user in the UK can save the cost equivalent to nearly $51000 within one year after using a single production line, which is much higher than the investment amount of a Meguiar gravity metering mixer plus LINEMASTER. Composite film technology company (CFT), a three-layer blown film manufacturer in South Africa, also reported significant savings in raw material costs

it can accurately control three-layer coextrusion film

since LINEMASTER extrusion control system was installed two years ago, it has been running continuously in coextrusion film technology company (CFT). The company is a three-layer film blowing plant in South Africa. Now the control system is directly connected from the CFT factory in Johannesburg to the home of President Bob Boden, who can monitor and change settings remotely

creep deformation measurement system of electronic high temperature creep endurance testing machine:

by using G2 software, the productivity of multiple extruder processing lines (such as CFT production lines) can be controlled. "By using the meguire LINEMASTER system, we can maintain an accurate layer thickness ratio and produce continuous long films with exactly the same weight before and after the film," said Bob Borden of CFT. "After we controlled the layer thickness ratio, the heat sealing and mechanical properties of the film were consistent - this achievement proved to be of inestimable value in the supply of high-quality film for high-speed bag sealing production."

after strengthening the control over the operation of the production line, raw materials are also saved, and Boden estimates that about 12% is saved. In addition, LINEMASTER software simplifies configuration preparation by downloading configuration methods and assembly settings, provides a large number of documents about raw material consumption, which are used for inventory control, cost accounting and quality assurance, and can remotely monitor the operation of extrusion production line

composite film technology company was established in December 2000 and is committed to developing professional multilayer polyolefin films. "We have set up our own factory to maximize three capabilities: outstanding technological innovation, quality assurance for customers, and effective and precise control of all operations through management," Boden said. "Meguiar's equipment and systems are the key to enhancing these three capabilities."

how the LINEMASTER system works

although controlling extrusion (the weight of each section of the extruded product) is the most direct and accurate method to ensure product consistency and save raw materials, the traditional extrusion control system equipped with LIW weight-loss mixer is large, cumbersome and expensive, and it must also be equipped with redundant components, such as the second hopper for weighing raw materials again

as a result, most processing plants that want to improve raw material management have to use extrusion control systems based on weight gain (GIW) mixers, such as meguire gravity metering mixers. This system is limited to controlling the output by adjusting the extruder speed. For more advanced models, two parameters can be manually set to calculate the target extrusion volume: the target production line speed (length of product per unit time) and the target extrusion volume

compared with the old extrusion control system, LINEMASTER system can adjust the extrusion volume and production line speed at the same time to achieve the desired extrusion control. And different from the extrusion control equipped with weight-loss mixer, the only main hardware required to run LINEMASTER software is a standard Meguiar gravity metering mixer - or combined mixer (in the case of CO extrusion). As a result, the LINEMASTER system can reduce the cost by at least 50% compared with those old systems

processing plants that have used meguire gravity metering mixer will clearly understand its characteristics of simplicity, easy operation, reliability and low cost, but users may not understand that the weight increasing metering mixer can finally realize accurate extrusion control through some existing data. The mixer starts to process each batch of raw materials by distributing the raw materials to a weighing bin in sequence, and the subsequent batches will be automatically corrected in small quantities. In addition to this accurate information about the weight of each batch (in grams), you can also know the exact time (in 1/10 second) necessary for the completion of each batch of raw materials processing

the mixer can use these data to adjust the extrusion speed of the extruder to balance the set extrusion volume. In order to coordinate and simultaneously adjust the production line speed and the performance standard of extruded (anchor) metal rod body and its accessories, mt146 ⑵ 011 output to ensure that the set extrusion control is maintained, the mixer must be used in combination with G2 software

adding a weight-loss hopper can do tensile test, pressure test and bending test, which brings benefits.

the new LINEMASTER AC system is only a little more expensive than the standard LINEMASTER yield control system, but it can be updated every 0.5 seconds to extract the raw material consumption data of the extruder. So far, extruders that require such high-speed feedback have to make do with the expensive and cumbersome weight-loss mixer control system. For example, these traditional systems require weight-loss mixers and weight-loss hoppers to have their own controllers

on the LINEMASTER AC system, each batch of the mixer is added through the weight-loss hopper placed on the feed inlet of the extruder. The weighing sensor in the hopper transmits the updated data of raw material consumption to the gravity mixer installed on the top of the hopper or on the ground axle frame at the speed of once every 0.5 seconds. LINEMASTER productivity control software is installed in the controller of the gravity mixer, which can adjust the extruder and traction speed according to the input of raw material consumption

meiqui provides LINEMASTER AC system as an optional substitute for standard LINEMASTER productivity control. The hopper models provided for LINEMASTER AC system are:

Xc, which is generally caused by buffer failure -liw5:0.3 cubic feet (8.5 liters) capacity; Production, 2 to 135 kg/h (5 to 300 pounds)

xc-liw10:0.6 cubic feet (17.0 liters) capacity; Production, 45 to 275 kg/h (100 to 600 pounds)

xc-liw25:1.6 cubic feet (45.3 liters) capacity; Production, 225 to 675 kg/h (500 to 1500 pounds)

xc-liw40:2.5 cubic feet (70.8 liters) capacity; Output, 450 to 1350 kg/h (1000 to 3000 pounds)

xc-liw10 increases the cost of LINEMASTER extrusion control by 3000 dollars. According to the different control levels required by the processing plant, the total cost is between 5000 dollars and 8500 dollars (including hardware and software costs). In contrast, traditional yield control systems cost between $12000 and $50000

after using a single production line, a film blowing machine in the UK saved nearly US $51000 in the first year. The control system based on gravity metering mixer can really reduce the cost and improve the productivity of any extrusion operation by automatically adjusting the extrusion volume of the extruder and the speed of the production line, and finally controlling the weight of the raw materials actually entering each section of the product. Moreover, by quickly adjusting the processing parameters set to obtain the tolerance of the target product, the control system can reduce the configuration preparation time, save the start-up time and reduce the waste generated by the change of work. The system can save 4% of raw materials for manufacturers, and the film blowing manufacturers can recover the investment in linemastertm extrusion control system within half a year

60% of the 30000 meguire gravity mixers in use are used for extrusion processing. LINEMASTER technology can be easily mixed to suit the various applications of these mixers, including the processing and production of films, sheets, coatings, conduits, profiles, wires, cables and composite processing

a: by reducing the average film thickness from 103.81% of the target value to 99.14%, 4% of raw materials can be saved. The investment of about $14000 covers a meguire gravity mixer, LINEMASTER extrusion control software and a PC. According to the savings of $50741, it only takes a little more than five months to recover the investment

b: the calculation method is as follows: 0.96 ($0.85) + 0.03 ($3.50) + 0.01 ($4.00) = $0.961

source: China Plastics and rubber

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