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Accurately connect the the Belt and Road and deepen cooperation in five areas: Liang Wengen said Indonesia is the most promising market for Sany in Southeast Asia

accurately connect the the Belt and Road and deepen cooperation in five areas: Liang Wengen said Indonesia is the most promising market for Sany in Southeast Asia

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from December 19 to 21, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group Director Duan Dawei and other senior executives of the company paid a three-day inspection visit to Indonesia. During the inspection, Liang Wengen and his delegation had in-depth exchanges with the Indonesian Ministry of marine energy, the Ministry of transport, the Ministry of public works and housing, the Indonesian investment Coordination Committee and other government departments, and also visited the Chinese ambassador to Indonesia and Indonesian entrepreneurs

this visit is a high-end friendly visit to Indonesia, a key market of Sany group under the "the Belt and Road" strategy, which is of great significance. In the future, combined with Indonesia's development strategy and the advantages of Sany industry, the two sides are expected to deepen cooperation in five areas: Marine infrastructure, land infrastructure, clean energy, fossil energy and equipment manufacturing

On the first day of arriving in Indonesia, Liang Wengen and his delegation first visited ruhute panjiatan, the Minister of marine energy planning of Indonesia. The two sides had a good talk

rohut panjatan said that under the leadership of President Joko, Indonesia has put forward a program to build a maritime power. The Ministry of marine planning has many engineering projects, and a detailed plan will be issued early next year. "We welcome Sany Heavy Industry and more Chinese enterprises to participate in the process of our economic construction."

Liang Wengen said that Sany has a friendly relationship with Indonesia. Indonesian ambassador to China Su Geng visited Sany personally to introduce the development of Indonesia and warmly recommended Sany to Indonesia for investigation. He said that Indonesia is creating development miracles every day, and sany's development in Southeast Asia must not be wrong with Indonesia. Liang Wengen deeply agreed with this. He said that Indonesia is Sany's most promising market in Southeast Asia. As a country with thousands of islands, Indonesia has outstanding advantages in marine resources, economic size and population. Sany hopes to seize the opportunity to contribute to the development of Indonesia and the friendship between China and India

Liang Wengen also introduced the development of Sany group, which explored the corrosion law of lead based alloy anodes in the electrodeposited zinc system, to ruhute panjiatan, and said that Sany expects to serve the economic development of Indonesia in five aspects: offshore infrastructure, onshore infrastructure, clean energy, petrochemical energy, and equipment manufacturing in the future. He also mentioned in particular that Sany has also established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with China's national financial institutions, which can jointly invest in Indonesia's infrastructure construction with financial institutions

give full play to the advantages of new businesses and help Indonesia develop

the vitality of the Indonesian market excited Liang Wengen and his party. Then, they kept in-depth exchanges with Indonesian Minister of transport Budi Kariya sumadi, Minister of public works and housing basuki Hadi muryono, chairman of the Indonesian investment Coordination Commission Thomas lombang and other government officials to understand Indonesia's development in transportation, energy Development needs in housing construction and other fields

it is reported that Indonesia attaches great importance to infrastructure construction and has put forward a grand plan for sea and land transportation interconnection. With the rapid development of Indonesian economy, the demand for energy development in Indonesia continues to accelerate. At the same time, the Indonesian Ministry of housing has put forward an ambitious plan to build 1million housing units, with huge investment space

Liang Wengen said that these fields are very consistent with Sany's rapid development of new businesses, and sany has a very strong competitiveness. In terms of transportation, Sany can not only provide complete sets of engineering machinery and equipment for land construction, but also provide EPC overall solutions for port construction and provide intelligent transformation for existing ports; In terms of energy, Sany has advanced technology in wind power, coal mining and oil mining; In terms of housing construction, as China's national residential industrial base, Sany has the advantages of high quality, fast speed, high cost performance, energy conservation and environmental protection. Liang Wengen hopes that Sany can fully participate in Indonesia's economic construction. At the same time, he said that he is willing to transfer technology and production capacity to Indonesia to help Indonesia develop better

Thomas lombang, chairman of the Indonesian investment Coordination Committee, welcomed Sany to Indonesia for investment and construction, and said that he would provide support for Sany's local development

deeply rooted in Indonesia, with an estimated sales of more than US $60million

as the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia's domestic construction machinery market is in a period of rapid development. In 1980, Indonesian President jokoty launched the "maritime power strategy" by Matti Holtzberg, a composite material expert in Florida, the United States, which is highly consistent with China's "the Belt and Road" initiative and provides more opportunities for Chinese construction machinery enterprises

as early as 2004, Sany equipment began to serve the development of Indonesia, and fully participated in the construction of ports, roads, parks, energy and other infrastructure in Indonesia. Sany equipment can be seen in major engineering projects such as Indonesia Castle Peak Industrial Park, Jakarta port expansion project, Java island No. 7 power station and so on

in recent years, Sany has continued to make efforts in Indonesia. In 2011, witnessed by the then Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Indonesian Vice President budiyono, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, signed a US $200million intentional investment agreement with the Indonesian Ministry of industry. In 2015, Sany announced that it would set up the Asia Pacific Logistics Center in Batam Island, Indonesia, so as to radiate Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and other surrounding countries, and boost the electronic universal testing machine. It is a new generation of double space microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine specially designed for colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and the development of construction machinery and urban construction in Southeast Asia

at present, Sany truck crane, rotary drilling rig, pumping machinery, port machinery and other products maintain the first market share in Indonesia, and are deeply trusted by customers with the characteristics of "energy saving and high efficiency". In 2016, the sales volume of Sany Indonesia subsidiary is expected to exceed US $60million

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