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Practice the gold standard, XCMG customized crawler type mobile power station batch offline

practice the gold standard, XCMG customized new machine batch offline after 1 hour of use

China Construction Machinery 5. The text displayed on the display panel of the frequency conversion single column tensile testing machine is clear, whether it will be ambiguous; Information

recently, the crawler mobile power station yzdz100 customized and designed by XCMG excavator for oil pipeline companies has been rolled out in batches. This batch of products is a multi-functional hydraulic self-propelled mobile power station developed according to the customized needs of users and the actual situation of on-site construction. The maximum load power is 100kW and the maximum lifting weight is 6.3 tons. It can complete the tasks of lifting, power generation, traction, lighting, etc., greatly improving the efficiency of field pipeline laying projects and enhancing the market competitiveness of products

XCMG customization can realize the mass offline of various experimental crawler mobile power stations, such as stretching, tightening, zigzagging, shearing, peeling, tearing, load retaining, bursting, loosening, cycling, creep, etc.

in recent years, oil has become the preferred solution to solve energy problems in all countries, especially in developing countries, which are committed to laying oil pipelines. With the rapid development of oil pipeline laying at home and abroad, hydraulic self-propelled mobile power stations are more and more widely used. Aiming at the market demand, XCMG excavator practically practices the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use", takes the oil pipeline laying equipment as the research direction, is equipped with generator sets and truck mounted cranes on the mature excavator platform, and independently designs a series of hydraulic self-propelled mobile power stations. The project has made major breakthroughs in platform, modular design technology, electrical switching technology, walking error prevention technology, and overall frame design technology. It has successfully solved the problems of safe switching of mobile power station walking and power generation, complex field construction road conditions, high safety requirements for lifting operations, stable power generation voltage, etc., formed seven patented technologies, and used the upper and lower integrated welded frame for the first time in the industry, The high-strength structure is realized to meet the construction needs of harsh industries and mines

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