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Practice the "four modernizations" mode and realize the improvement of chemical fiber quality

in today's world, scientific and technological progress is changing with each passing day. Modern material science, precision manufacturing technology, information technology, nanotechnology, biochemical technology and other general technologies have developed rapidly, providing technical support for the transformation of traditional chemical fiber processes, equipment and the improvement of automation control level. In particular, the development of biomass fiber and biochemical raw materials is conducive to solving the shortage of fossil resources, and is the main way to realize the full biomass and full biochemical process in the fiber production process

facing the opportunities of future development, the world's chemical fiber powers are eager to try, trying to seize the commanding height of the future fiber field. Based on a full analysis of population growth, Japan, a traditional chemical fiber power, believes that the world's fiber consumption will continue to grow, especially in China, which may exceed the growth of fiber production capacity. In the future, attention should be paid to developing new fiber application fields and solving environmental problems

although the overall scale of South Korea's chemical fiber industry has declined, it is striving to improve its competitiveness through high-quality products. Especially since 2007, the Korean fiber industry has developed more than 5000 new products and put them on the market. They are expanding the application field of chemical fiber through upstream and downstream cooperation, and integrating with the fashion industry to improve the market share of chemical fiber

the European Union consolidated the dominant position of chemical fiber by adopting high technology and new processes to reduce emissions and expand resource utilization. They believe that chemical fiber is a very promising industry with a large market space in the future

these countries and regions are generally optimistic about the development potential of China in this field compared with other thermal insulation materials, and believe that the focus of the development of the world's chemical fiber industry will further shift to China in the future, which is a continuous trend

at the 17th China International Chemical fiber conference just held, "2011-2015: planning and Research on the development of China's chemical fiber industry or the disorder of control system" was officially announced. The plan clearly points out that China's land resources are limited, the contradiction between grain and cotton and land competition between urban and rural areas is becoming increasingly prominent, the growth of natural fibers such as cotton is restricted, and the growth of fiber consumption is mainly supported by the growth of chemical fibers. In the future, chemical fibers will assume the status of the most important textile raw materials for a long time, and there is a large space for sustainable development

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