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Prado 27 surpasses 35? Supercharging helps you easily improve your power by 40%. 35 is not your opponent

Prado 27. The sales volume of 117.7 in China has always been very good, and the name is very famous. It has been enduring in China. Its tough appearance and excellent quality can indeed be said to be a very excellent mid-range off-road vehicle. Such a tough off-road SUV, unfortunately, has this biggest drawback, that is, lack of power, In addition to Prado's weight of two tons, the displacement is also 2.7L

after buying off-road, who doesn't want to drive it to gallop in the wilderness? The feeling that only off-road can bring is something that ordinary urban models can't experience. But because of the power of Prado, the experience is greatly discounted. Although it has the reputation of the king of rotten land, it performs very well on non paved roads. Specifically, it has good trafficability. When encountering steep slopes and muddy roads, The power is not enough. The ratchet wrench is rotatably connected with the end of the operating lever, and the lack of power is not only manifested in off-road, but also in daily use. Prado 27 also faces such a situation. The acceleration of high-speed is not obvious, and it is particularly meat when starting. Although it does not affect normal driving, the mentality is gradually broken with this experience, so it is necessary to improve the power of Prado 27 not only to go off-road

now the best choice to help Prado power lift is JSIM supercharging device, which can ensure the lubrication between bearings; In order to ensure the sharpness of the knife cut, it is very suitable for Prado to modify the mechanical supercharging. Prado's car is strong and durable, and the mechanical supercharging is to keep this strong and durable, and increase the reserved power of the engine by 40% without affecting the service and life of the engine, so as to greatly improve the power of the car. In the actual test results, the Prado 27 with JSIM supercharging is significantly better than the Prado 35. In the tug of war test, the 27 easily kills the 35. For such a model, the improvement can be considered huge

now JSIM's supercharger adopts the latest twin turbo centrifugal supercharger, which is the most advanced supercharger in the market. Driven by the engine driving the belt, the twin turbo work can greatly improve the efficiency, compress more air into the engine, improve the work efficiency, and obviously feel that the horsepower is more sufficient than that in use, You don't need to endure the full sensuality when starting and accelerating. When accelerating, the engine won't just sound without improving the speed. Installing JSIM supercharger, you can experience the pleasure brought by abundant power all the time, which is completely different from the experience of the original car

if you still feel that your car is lack of power, and if you still have to endure the trouble caused by insufficient acceleration, then don't wait. Choose JSIM supercharging. Whether you want to cross mountains when going off-road or accelerating at high speed, you can always maintain full power. JSIM supercharging is the best partner of your car

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