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Pre impregnated paper leads the household industry to create the future - the high-end Seminar on the development of pre impregnated paper industry was held in Hangzhou

release date: Source: Qifeng new materials

on November 18, 2020, the high-end Seminar on "pre impregnated paper leads the household industry to create the future" organized by Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd. was held in Hangzhou, and more than 150 elites from the national pre impregnated paper related industries gathered in Hangzhou, Discuss the green development trend of pre impregnated paper in the household industry

Wu Xiaosong, the chief expert of China forest products industry association and the former deputy director of the Department of agricultural economics who revised the regulations on the administration of road motor vehicle production enterprises and product access licenses, Lu Bin, the deputy director of the Wood Industry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences and the Executive director of the decorative paper and veneer board professional committee of China Forest Products Industry Association, Wu Shengfu, the vice president of China forest products industry association and the general manager of Beijing Green Forest Certification Co., Ltd, Zhang Chuanxi, executive chairman of the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, and other leaders and guests attended the event when the load could not rise any more

this meeting was presided over by Zhang Zhongtao, director of the first Institute of industrial engineering of the forestry industry planning and Design Institute of the State Forestry and grassland administration and Deputy Secretary General of the China Forestry Industry Association. Wu Shengfu, vice president of the China Forestry Industry Association, and Zhang Chuanxi, executive president of the furniture decoration chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce delivered speeches respectively

speech by lixuefeng, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd. He pointed out in his speech that the purpose of organizing this activity today is to analyze the current situation and development prospects of pre impregnated paper furniture with you, exchange information, exchange opinions, discuss the future, seek common development, develop and expand formaldehyde free furniture, build a healthy living environment, and build a beautiful home, so as to achieve the purpose of creating common interests and pursuing the goal of win-win. He pointed out that the state has issued regulations on formaldehyde free indoor furniture. Our country has equipment, formaldehyde free boards, formaldehyde free glue, and Qifeng's formaldehyde free paper, so there is no formaldehyde from "face" to "inside". The boards and furniture produced do not contain formaldehyde, realizing the green, healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry. With a population of 1.4 billion and a middle-income group of more than 400million, China is the world's most dynamic potential market. Throughout the country, the application of pre impregnated paper and board is like a dark horse born in the air and killed halfway. The consumption boom is booming and booming, and the future has come. The Chinese market is bound to become a world market, a shared market and a market for everyone, and will inject new vitality into the development of the industry

shangyongqiang, deputy manager of Qifeng Xincai oumu branch, made a thematic report on the characteristics and application of pre impregnated decorative base paper, which explained in detail the product characteristics and application fields from the perspective of base paper. The pre impregnated decorative base paper is made of high-quality wood pulp and titanium dioxide as the main raw materials, using a special beating process, after the surface sizing of the composite aqueous formaldehyde free latex. After downstream printing, parameters such as strength, yield force, non proportional yield force, average peel force, elastic modulus and so on can be calculated without impregnation; Melamine, a high-precision measuring instrument, can be directly cold pasted on man-made panels after surface coating processing. It not only reduces costs for downstream customers, but also has zero formaldehyde and can be coated. It is widely used in building decoration and furniture manufacturing. It is a new trend, new trend and new choice for the development of decorative base paper

Hua Deliang, general manager of Jifu Decoration Group Co., Ltd., wrote the development and application of PIP paper in China. He pointed out that the pre impregnated paper is formaldehyde free, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and can be coated. After printing and surface coating, it can be rolled directly, which is convenient for transportation. The pressing plate adopts the cold pasting method, and the production efficiency is high. At the same time, it can cover 360 degrees when processing plates, eliminating the need to stick and press the edge banding strip. It is estimated that the carbon emission of energy consumption of a plate processed with pre impregnated paper is only one seventh of that of melamine plate

Gao Gao, the assistant general manager of Ningbo Jiefeng Modern Furniture Co., Ltd., Jiang Bin, the general manager of the paper equipment business department of Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Xu Yuxiang, the head of the Technology Department of Wuxi Shengjin Machinery Co., Ltd., and Guo Zhiwu, the deputy general manager of Luli Group Co., Ltd. aimed at promoting the overall upgrading of China's new material industry. They introduced the processing process of prepreg paper from the aspects of downstream processing and equipment selection Equipment characteristics and terminal application

zhangminghua, a senior FSC audit expert of Bureau Veritas (Beijing) Co., Ltd., introduced the situation of FSC forest certification. FSC forest certification, also known as wood certification, is a tool that uses market mechanism to promote sustainable forest management and achieve ecological, social and economic goals

after the wonderful report of all guests, a salon forum was also organized. Five industry elites sat down to talk about the classics, exchange views, and jointly draw a beautiful blueprint for the prepreg paper industry, pushing the conference to a climax

this meeting thoroughly analyzed the product characteristics and industry prospects of pre impregnated paper, which broadened everyone's horizons, enriched knowledge, improved understanding, and updated ideas. Participants said that they had gained a lot. At the same time, it also publicized Qifeng, established an image, improved the popularity of the company, and made the pre impregnated paper products popular, causing strong repercussions in the industry

after the event, the company also prepared a rich appreciation dinner to toast with colleagues in the industry and congratulate the conference on its success. More than 100 industry elites are full of confidence and talk about the future, which is bound to create a new situation in the home furnishing industry

another news, driven by the conference, a well-known printing factory in the North took the initiative to invite us to negotiate cooperation in the near future; A customer in Fujian exchanged product application indicators on site, and let us send samples for trial use as soon as possible; The test of using pre painted paper for plasterboard veneer was also successful

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