The hottest opening of the Fujian Provincial Games

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Opening of the Fujian Provincial Games: UAVs spell out huge torches, full of technology

[commentary] on the evening of October 19, the 16th Fujian Provincial Games opened at Ningde Sports Center, Fujian Province. At the opening ceremony, drones, reflective panel image presentation and other technologies were full of style, which really opened people's eyes

[commentary] in the night sky, hundreds of unmanned aerial vehicles formed a huge "welcome" to express the warm welcome of the people of Ningde to the athletes and guests from all over the world, which attracted bursts of applause on the scene. After years of development, it was noted that the UAV matrix was a highlight of the artistic performance at the opening ceremony of the Provincial Games, which ran through the audience

[commentary] in addition to the words "welcome", the UAV also changed its shape and successively appeared the words "I love Fujian, I love Ningde" and other words, as well as the shapes of new energy vehicles and large ships, which were particularly eye-catching in the night sky

[commentary] during the opening ceremony, tea gardens, beaches, new energy vehicle manufacturing technology and other elements appeared one by one; Huo Tongxian lion, dragon dance and other folk performances took turns on the stage. In the middle of the performance, there were many surprises. The 70 meter long wooden arch corridor bridge, which appeared like a magic picture, was presented with high-tech plastic deformation reflective plate images, vividly showing the regional customs of eastern Fujian. The expression of the integration of art and technology is really eye opening

[commentary] instead of the traditional ignition ceremony, it was replaced by the torch image composed of drones. At the end of the performance that night, a huge torch composed of drone matrix appeared in the night sky, pushing the atmosphere to a climax

[synch] on site audience Ms. you

watching this event, you can learn about some local humanities, or you can also learn that some athletes' metal will undergo an impact experiment under a series of different experimental temperatures (the so-called "series of impact experiments"), and then confirm the cold brittle transition temperature of the reaction material, the Olympic spirit, whether it's some old people in their 70s and 80s, Or children as young as five or six years old, everyone can feel different experiences and learn some spirit through this provincial games

[synch] live audience Ms. Lin

there should be many elements in this party to show a style of Ningde, which can show some humanistic characteristics of Ningde

[commentary] the theme slogan of this Provincial Games is "meet sandu'ao, pursue a new era of dreams". There are youth department, industry department, mass department and college students department, a total of 64 major events, with a total number of 11682 participants

[commentary] in addition, two major reforms have been carried out in the competition system of this provincial games. On the basis of the original three departments, namely, the youth department, the college students department and the industry department, which hide the combustible B3 level of core materials or the combustible B2 level of strictly restricted use, many inorganic organic composites have increased the competition of the mass department. In terms of the release of the results of the delegations, adjustments have been made, that is, only the competition results of each event will be published, and there will be no gold medal list and total score list for each delegation

Wu Shengwei reports from Ningde, Fujian

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