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Opengauss open source community officially established

[Shenzhen, China, July 1, 2020] yesterday, Huawei officially announced the open source database capability, opened the source code of opengauss database, and established opengauss open source community. The community official () was launched synchronously

opengauss is an open source relational database management system, which deeply integrates Huawei's many years of experience in the database field. We hope to attract more contributors through the charm of open source and jointly build an enterprise level open source database community that can integrate a diversified technical architecture


opengauss kernel is derived from PostgreSQL, and focuses on building competitive features in architecture, transaction, storage engine, optimizer and other directions. It is deeply optimized on the chip of arm architecture and compatible with x86 architecture. Realize the following technical features:

concurrency control technology based on multi-core architecture, NUMA aware storage engine, SQL bypass intelligent routing execution technology, release the multi-core expansion ability of the processor, and realize the 1.5 million TPMC performance of two-way Kunpeng 128 core scenario

support rapid fault switching of RTO 10s, full link data protection, and meet the requirements of safety and reliability

through intelligent parameter tuning, slow SQL diagnosis, multidimensional performance self-monitoring SQL time prediction and other capabilities make the operation and maintenance from complex to simple

opengauss adopts Mulan loose license (Mulan PSL V2), allowing all community participants to freely modify, use and quote the code. Opengauss community has also set up a technical committee to welcome all developers to contribute code and documents

Huawei has always adhered to the overall development strategy of open hardware, open software and enabling partners, supported partners to build their own brand database commercial distribution based on opengauss, and supported partners to continue to build commercial competitiveness

for more information, please visit the official website of opengauss open source community:

developer code hosting platform:

Huawei deeply participates in global open source organizations and actively contributes to the community:

top members of international mainstream open source Foundations: Platinum members of Linux foundation, platinum sponsors of Apache foundation, Platinum members of openstack foundation, and strategic members of eclipse foundation

contributors to open source communities/projects: Huawei currently holds more than 200 seats in the mainstream open source communities, such as TSC, PMC, PTL, maintainer, and committer, as well as more than 10 board seats to serve open source projects. In the Linux kernel community, the largest community in the world, Huawei ranks fourth in the world in terms of its comprehensive contribution; In terms of cloud native community quality, customers have no problems with CNCF, and Huawei's comprehensive contribution ranks fifth in the world; Docker ranks fifth in the world

through open source openeuler (Linux distribution), mindspire (full scene deep learning framework), soda (intelligent and open data autonomy platform), Apache carbondata (big data), APA and its process by-products, a resource recycling system must be established. Che micro service projects servicecomb, kubeedge (edge computing), volcano (high-performance scheduling engine), etc, Gradually introducing a large number of basic software capabilities that Huawei has invested and accumulated for a long time "can improve performance, continuously improve and gradually contribute to the open source community

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