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Opening of the 10th flower expo delta video solution lights up the Taiwan exhibition area flower bloom cross strait

the 10th China Flower Expo (hereinafter referred to as the flower expo) opened in Chongming District, Shanghai with the theme of the Chinese dream of flower bloom. Among them, the opening ceremony of the Taiwan exhibition area was held on May 22, with the theme of flowers blooming and the dream of the two sides being united, presenting the beauty of flowers with science and technology

the opening ceremony of the Taiwan exhibition area was held on May 22. Long mingbiao (middle), deputy director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, held a ribbon cutting ceremony with the guests

delta supports the Taiwan exhibition area with video solutions, integrates the projection brand Vivitek (Lixun) of delta to provide high-definition professional engineering projectors, and operates 3. Ultra long time timing presents rich and delicate images with advanced projection technology, and combines installation art and interactive design to create immersive exhibitions

the Taiwan exhibition area of the 10th Flower Expo aims to create the beauty of flowers with digital technology by blooming flowers and realizing the dream of the two sides

the scene that first came into the eyes of the audience was the extraordinary splendor of the dream forest. The audience seemed to walk along the banks of the woods and streams intertwined with light and shadow. The laser projector Vivitek ru43723 assisted in creating this dream scene. Compared with the traditional bulb projection color, its laser light source can detect the stretching, contraction, twists, tears, cuts, peeling and other items of various materials, 5500 lumen brightness combines 1920*1200 ultra-high definition and 20000:1 high contrast to project a moving picture on the tree partition

vivitek laser projector projects moving pictures on tree partitions

in the second scene of the museum, dream butterfly dance flower banquet, four Vivitek (Lixun) du9000 professional engineering projectors with a brightness of 11500 lumens are used to project on the ground, creating 3D wonderful special effects of flowers blooming and butterflies flying, creating an immersive space. The audience walks into a magical Valley and combines wall projection with the ingenious integration of sound, light and electricity

delta provides video solutions to present a wonderful and aesthetic interactive projection effect on the ground of Huabo Taiwan Pavilion, attracting a large number of guests

next, the third scene is dream building and concentric dream fulfillment. The unique scientific and technological sky lamp is created by the Vivitek (Lixun) laser projector. The sky lamp is projected diagonally from the top of the sky lamp, and the software fusion is used to carry out a complex picture combination on the multiple surfaces of the sky lamp. Even if you watch it from a close distance, the projection light will not be blocked. The audience comes to the characteristic sky lamp decorated with colorful flowers and makes a wish of concentric dream fulfillment on both sides

the science and technology skylight area adopts Delta's projection technology, which has become a hot spot for punching cards, and the audience has made various good wishes, such as flowers bloom, the two sides realize their dreams together, and so on

long mingbiao, deputy director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, participated in the investment innovation and research and development of new plastic materials and new processing technologies in the butterfly dance flower banquet area, and made a wish in the science and technology Tiandeng district. Zhong Xiaomin, director of the Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office, Xue Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the Chongming district Party committee, Li Zhenghong, President of the all China Federation of Taiwan enterprises, Zhang Jianzhen, President of the Shanghai Association for Taiwan Affairs, Wang Lixin, deputy director of the Shanghai Taiwan Affairs Office, and Zhang Zhitong, deputy head of the Chongming District, cut the ribbon in front of the indoor exhibition area. The leaders at the scene affirmed that Delta's integration of video technology into the flower art exhibition made the Taiwan Pavilion more viewable

long mingbiao, deputy director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office (second from the left in the front row), visited the exhibition area presented by delta products in the Taiwan Pavilion of Huabo. Chen Yixiang (second from left), director of delta public welfare office, accompanied the exhibition and introduced it

Taiwan exhibition area is an ideal experimental equipment for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration and other departments. Zhu Li, the business director of delta video business department, who was present on the opening day, said:

Delta provides a perfect solution for video. Through sound, light and electricity technologies, the whole exhibition hall has a sense of science and technology and immersion, and the physical object and technology are perfectly combined, This is a very special focus

Zhu Li said that the solution provided by delta makes the whole exhibition hall have a sense of science and technology and immersion through sound, light and electricity

this flower expo is the first flower festival held on islands, villages and forests. It is known as the Olympics of China's flower industry, with 189 exhibitors, the highest number in the past year. From May 21 to July 2, the exhibition hall is located in Shanghai Chongming Dongping National Forest Park. With a total area of 589 hectares, Huabo park is composed of North Park and South Park. 64 indoor exhibition areas are built, and nearly 1000 new varieties of flowers are unveiled. The overall plan respects nature, and uses new ecological and environmental protection technologies and processes. The layout is one heart, one axis, six pavilions, and six parks, showing the pattern of blooming flowers in the prosperous era. Among them, the Taiwan exhibition area is located in hall D of the Fuxing hall, and the design, planning, operation and construction are undertaken by the Shanghai Association for Taiwan Affairs. In addition to the indoor exhibition area, there is an outdoor garden covering an area of about 2000 square meters, which connects 101 flower towers, orchid rainforests, dream back to Alishan and other landscape arrangements with circular footpaths, together with dozens of characteristic plants such as Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Taiwan iris, etc

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