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Openai develops a new algorithm: let robots learn to play the magic cube with one hand

at present, it has not become a reality for robots to have hands as dexterous as humans, but the rapid progress of artificial intelligence technology in recording data will also give the extruder industry endless momentum for development. We are closer to this goal than ever before

recently, researchers from openai, an artificial intelligence research institution, developed a robot arm, which uses artificial intelligence to restore the magic cube with one hand. It is understood that this smart robot has 24 joints, which is similar to the design of a human hand, rather than the pliers like manipulator seen in the factory

through simulation on, researchers taught the robot called "dactyl" how to crack the magic cube by hand. Visual sensors and cube solving algorithm provided instructions for AI on how to move

"the biggest challenge we face is to create a sufficiently diverse environment in the simulated environment to capture the physical conditions of the real world." Ashley pilpiszyn, technical director of openai, said, "it is difficult to measure and model factors such as friction, elasticity and dynamics to ensure that the basic structure and performance of this kind of equipment are mastered, and the operation is equal to complex objects such as Rubik's cube or manipulator. It is far from enough to rely on domain random data generation."

to overcome this problem, researchers have developed a new algorithm called automaticdomainrandomization (ADR), which automatically generates a distribution and a module for training reinforcement learning models. Among them, the module can estimate the state of the object through vision - in this case, it is a magic cube. Reinforcement learning makes the artificial intelligence system develop towards the ideal goal by using repeated rewards or punishments

openai hopes that the artificial intelligence developed by it can be used to control the robot hand and complete various tasks

in recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has greatly improved the performance of robots. Perhaps one day, robots may engage in physical labor or housework, or even work with humans

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