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The seminar "opening the door of intelligence and connecting easy to the future" kicked off in Pengcheng

Shenzhen, also known as Pengcheng, has a reputation as a city of science and technology. It has risen since the establishment of the special zone in 1980, such as the flying ROC, which has attracted worldwide attention. In such a vibrant city, the first stop of the 2013 Spring National itinerant industry seminar of viatone is here, not only because it has the momentum to fight the storm, travel in the sky, and forge ahead, but also because the company, such as Pengcheng, has taken off for 90000 miles, and takes advantage of Donghua to publicize its beautiful vision of cooperating with the national graphene Research Institute of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom

this time, we will open the door of intelligence and connect with the national industry seminar of easy future. It will start from Shenzhen and be divided into two lines. The two teams will spend more than 40 days shuttling through 30 cities across the country, radiating many industrial key areas in East China, West China, North China, central China and South China. During the conference, the loading and unloading should be stable. You can not only learn more about the 3000 series of high-end new products EMT to improve labor productivity, and quickly get close to the company's brand connotation, development positioning and application cases of general industries. At the same time, we have a targeted and comprehensive introduction to local key industries. You can face-to-face with experts about the application cases and solutions of special key industries in the local region where Tangshan blast furnace starts without decreasing but increasing flow, Excavate the knowledge points you are interested in, jointly predict the future development prospects, and let you come to your satisfaction, return with satisfaction, and reap a lot

the on-site senior product analysts and professional technical engineers describe different industrial control prospects for you. Velcro shows you a more specific and distinctive image, taking you into the intelligent era of HMI and experiencing a new Velcro. For details, please click on the seminar topic to view

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