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Open platform, benefit and win-win, build ISV cooperation ecosystem

because of the gathering, Huawei China ecological Partner Conference 2017

because of the gathering -- Huawei China ecological Partner Conference 2017 elaborated the strategy of platform + ecology. As a solution partner in an important part of the 4+1 ecosystem, how can we build an ecosystem and develop together with Huawei? On March 10, the ISV sub forum with the theme of open platform, win-win, and building an ISV cooperation ecosystem attracted more than 700 guests. This sub forum not only passed on ISV support policies, displayed the solution ecosystem, but also awarded the first batch of leading ISV partners

Liu Chao, vice president of Huawei BG China, visited the scene and talked about the prosperous ecosystem. He said: in Huawei's view, business driving, agile innovation and new ecosystem are not only the three key factors of the new ICT, but also the partners' path of always pursuing defensive national defense policy transformation. In other words, partners must adhere to the customer-centric, start from the actual needs of customer business, rely on an open, flexible, flexible and safe platform to carry out agile innovation, and actively participate in building an open, cooperative and win-win ecosystem

Liu Chao, vice president of Huawei BG China, Li Yue, national operation director of 3W space, was invited to give a speech at this sub forum. With the theme of opening up and connecting the world, innovation drives the future, he deeply analyzed how investors understand business innovation under the trend of today's industry digital transformation. Li Yue mentioned that there are four main points of business innovation. The first is to identify the trend, the second is to promote demand, the third is to adhere to the innovation of the core functions of products, and the fourth is to put the power of innovation into a broad ecosystem

Li Yue, national operation director of 3W space, and Xiao ran, President of Huawei's product and solution strategy and business development department, delivered a speech on opening enabling win through convergence. He said that Huawei is committed to serving ISVs and developers. For technology-based ISVs, Huawei has improved its service and management methods. In response to the four questions raised by ISV last year, Huawei has given corresponding improvement measures and issued a capability white paper to explain in detail the capabilities provided by Huawei for partners; Establish OpenLab to provide local testing for partners; Integrate and open up end-to-end processes and provide one-stop partner cooperation; Integrate expert resources and provide professional services; Build a closed loop of satisfaction, strive to improve ISV's satisfaction with services, and a comprehensive support system helps developers achieve common innovation

Xiao ran, President of Huawei products and solutions strategy and business development department

the establishment of a win-win cooperation ecosystem is inseparable from the support of the general representative. Ye Ming, service director of Futong times Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on integrating ISV ecology with technology and services. Futong times Technology Co., Ltd. has been building joint product solutions with ISV partners in the way of capability driven business and professional product technology capabilities, and supporting ISV to meet user needs with Huawei, so as to build its own ISV partner ecosystem with technology and services. Ye Ming said: Futong should be a capacity-based general agent. We are a supplement, an extension and a bridge

Ye Ming, service director of Futong times Technology Co., Ltd.

this forum also invited three ISVs who were very successful in their respective fields to share their experience in building solutions with Huawei. Zhang Lianping, deputy general manager of the R & D center of gaoweida Software Co., Ltd., said: the road knows the horsepower, and the hearts of the people will be seen over time. In the future, in the financial field, we will continue to work with Huawei to grow together. Shazhiyou, vice president of yizhirui (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. in China, said: the cooperation between the two sides is of great guiding significance for the development of business. Smart cities need ESRI company and Huawei Company at the same time. Hender CMO he dengpan said that the cooperation between Hender and Huawei has a lot of imagination, and Huawei's support for us is also extremely effective. Therefore, we are very confident in creating customer satisfaction after cooperating with Huawei

Zhang Lianping, deputy general manager of the R & D center of covid Software Co., Ltd.

Sha Zhiyou, vice president of yizhirui (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd. in China

Han de CMO he dengpan

Huawei's platform strength was displayed at the summit. Jia Yongli, general manager of fusionstage (Huawei PAAS), said that fusionstage has always adhered to the attitude of win-win cooperation, Let partners do better in applications and services on this platform. To this end, fusionstage provides three basic framework capabilities: containers, microservices, and Devops pipelines. The container platform can effectively improve resource utilization and reduce operation and maintenance costs. The microservice framework has mechanisms such as service registration, routing, fault tolerance and circuit breaker, which greatly reduces the cost of microservice governance; Pipeline framework can open up the process from development and testing to release and deployment, and greatly improve the development efficiency

in addition, fusionstage has always adhered to an open route to prevent binding partners. It is not only compatible with mesos and yarn, but also allows third-party application services to be seamlessly accessed through servicebroker, and will continue to open source microservices and pipelining frameworks. Of course, in addition to the product services, Huawei also provides partners with HDG, developer competition, hacker marathon and other activities to empower developers; In addition, Suzhou remote laboratory provides fusionstage platform, welcome to try it

it product line fusionstage product general manager Jia Yongli

with an open platform, how can Huawei provide soil? In his keynote speech and media interview at this ecological conference, Mr. Yang Wenchi, vice president of Huawei BG China, stressed that he would continue to increase support for solution partners in 2017. Huawei BG China ISV Development Department introduced the new ISV policy according to the specifications of the sling

in 2017, Huawei will continue to increase its support for solution partners, mainly in three aspects: technology, marketing and sales. In terms of technical support, we provide free prototype support and public cloud experience vouchers. In addition, OpenLab is newly built for partners in Suzhou, which can provide rich products and testing resources, reducing the incubation time cycle of the program by 30%; In terms of marketing support, Huawei will continue to strengthen joint marketing. In addition to enjoying exclusive MDB, partners can promote their own solutions globally through Huawei's marketplace; In terms of sales support, Huawei issued a policy of sales priority support for leading partners. If the solutions jointly developed by such partners and Huawei involve key industries such as finance, public security, government affairs and smart city, they will enjoy the support of priority implementation in 30 representative offices across the country. Huawei's support for ISV partners won warm applause from the partners present

Wu Liguo, ISV Development Department of Huawei BG China

finally, Yang Wenchi, vice president of Huawei BG China, Jia Yongli, general manager of Huawei fusionstage products, and Ge Zhaoli, director of value-added channel Department of Huawei BG China, issued leading solution partner certificates to 18 ISVs from finance, public security, and intelligence industries that may cause the test data to be inconsistent with cities, government affairs, and other industries. Beijing Beida Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Chaotu Software Co., Ltd., Beijing Huayu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Ruian Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing advanced digital communication information technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuxin Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu sobei Digital Technology Co., Ltd., gaoweida Software Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guotai Xindian Software Co., Ltd., softcom power information technology (Group) Co., Ltd Shanghai deas communication equipment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Guangtong Software Co., Ltd., digital China Holdings Co., Ltd., Taiji Computer Co., Ltd., Xi'an future international information Co., Ltd., Yunnan Nantian Electronic Information Industry Co., Ltd., yizhirui (China) Information Technology Co., Ltd., CETC new smart city and other partners have won this title domestically

the awarding ceremony of the first batch of leading solution partners

Huawei will continue to build an open, flexible, flexible and secure platform in the future

aggregate ecological partners,

build an ecosystem of win-win cooperation

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