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"Open air steamed bread" should be packaged in a standardized way

Luoyang has the saying that "without steamed bread and noodles, you can't eat enough". As one of the main and follow-up tests of Luoyang people, the experimental results are more accurate than the digital display box. Steamed bread plays an important role in people's daily life. Now, most citizens buy steamed buns sold at street stalls. The steamed buns sold at these stalls are known as "open-air steamed buns". Their packaging is rough, or plain noodles are facing the sky, and their sanitary conditions are worrying. When consumers buy steamed buns, stall owners use food clips or plastic bags with their hands. If you buy 1 yuan steamed bread, pass the steamed bread packed in ordinary plastic bags in advance. According to the person in charge of relevant municipal departments, these disposable plastic bags are not food bags required by the state. Most of them are wholesale from the market. The bacterial content exceeds the standard and the quality is unqualified, which is harmful to people's health. According to statistics, there are more than 100000 steamed buns in our city every day, and more than 400000 on the eve of the Spring Festival. So far, most citizens still keep the habit of storing steamed buns before the Spring Festival and heating them during the festival. The packaging of "open-air steamed bread" has been put in front of people, which is a manifestation of the improvement of quality and safety awareness after the improvement of people's living standards. Some citizens recalled that in the past, people didn't care about the packaging of steamed bread. Some people even left with a bag of newspapers, and most operators took it with their bare hands. Later, some operators noticed and began to use food clips or put plastic bags on them to give them to customers. Now, for the sake of hygiene, more plastic bags are used for overall sales. Some experts said that now, we pay attention to the packaging of food, but we ignore the packaging of steamed bread. Strictly speaking, more than 90% of the steamed bread on the market is not packaged and sold, which shows that the production and sales of steamed bread need to be standardized. How to pack steamed bread? Recently, in the steamed bread production workshop of luofen flour industry company, we saw that as soon as the uniform "Danju steamed bread" came off the line, it was immediately put into food bags in groups of four through the automatic packaging machine, and then sewed and transported out of the workshop. After the resumption of development, now, "Danju" steamed buns are produced 3000 per day, and it is estimated that the daily output before the Spring Festival can reach 100000. Steamed bread packaging is imperative. It is reported that Zhengzhou city carried out a large-scale renovation of the steamed bread Market in strict accordance with the above starting sequence five years ago. In addition to requiring the steamed bread to be of good quality and sufficient weight, it also requires that it be uniformly packaged in food packaging bags, and the sale of "open-air steamed bread" is strictly prohibited. The renovation of steamed bread packaging has promoted the standardization of the steamed bread production industry, and initially formed three grades of steamed bread products: high, medium and low, meeting the needs of different consumers. People from the municipal economic circles pointed out that Luoyang, which has "brand steamed bread", should not be difficult to achieve standardized packaging of steamed bread and improve the production level of steamed bread through government guidance and brand drive

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