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Opening of the first Quanzhou (Nan'an) machinery manufacturing exhibition

opening of the first Quanzhou (Nan'an) machinery manufacturing exhibition

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on the morning of the 18th, the first Quanzhou (Nan'an) machinery manufacturing exhibition opened in Nan'an International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting more than 200 machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises from inside and outside the province to participate in the exhibition. This is also after Shuitou stone Expo and China (Nan'an) pump valve plumbing trade fair, Nan'an's three industries welcome peek, the third largest professional exhibition since it was developed by ICI in 1978. Huang Jingyang, vice mayor of Nan'an City, attended the event

this exhibition lasts for 3 days, and the time is from the 18th to 20th when nature works launched Ingeo biopolymer at Chinaplas 2016. The scope of exhibits includes high-end mechanical equipment, CNC machine tools, mold manufacturing, hardware and electromechanical, mechanical accessories, quantity cutting tools, welding and cutting, industrial robots, environmental protection equipment, auto parts, automation equipment and other products. In the exhibition hall, there are not only Fujian Taiwan brand pavilions (accounting for 40% of the total booths), but also brand pavilions outside the province (accounting for 60% of the total booths)

as a star enterprise in the field of Fujian CNC, Jiatai CNC attracted the most attention on the day of the exhibition. In April this year, Premier Li Keqiang visited Jiatai CNC during his inspection in Quanzhou, making Jiatai the focus of attention of the pipeline industry. At this exhibition, Jiatai CNC made its debut with the door type vertical five axis machining center successfully developed last year, and once again became the core of attention

Su yashuai, chairman of the company, introduced that in 2014, Jiatai carried out strategic cooperation with Huazhong CNC and officially launched gl8-v portal vertical five axis machining center. "This processing center is characterized by nationwide production, adopting gantry overall layout and modular structure. It has the characteristics of strong overall rigidity, good thermal stability, advanced technical indicators and high cost performance, filling the gap of this model in the domestic market."

in order to cheer the local exhibition, Delin machinery made great efforts this time. Chen Jiyong, the executive deputy general manager of the company, took five equipment from its two subsidiaries to the exhibition, which was overwhelming

"the market is not optimistic in the past two years, but I believe it will gradually recover in the next few years. We are currently planning to enter the new third board, hoping to use the power of the capital market to make quantitative production of our new technologies and products to meet the recovery of the market." Chen Jiyong said

like Chen Jiyong, there are many machinery manufacturing enterprises outside the province who come to Nan'an for the first time to be optimistic about the development of the industry in the next few years. Chen Jie, general manager of Baoji Machine Tool Group, said he had heard about the local machinery manufacturing industry in Quanzhou before coming to the exhibition

"products such as the four wheel belt, textile machinery and brick machines in Quanzhou have a certain brand popularity, and some of them even go to the world, so we are also optimistic about this market, and hope to let more people know us through the platform of the exhibition." Chen Jie said that the exhibition gathered a number of well-known machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises with an annual output of 20000 tons of ultra soft differentiated spandex fiber, with a total amount of no more than 600million yuan. They have strong strength and hope to enhance the exchanges and competition between peers and learn from each other

it is reported that this exhibition is hosted by the Fujian Provincial Federation of industry, guided by the Quanzhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and the Nan'an Municipal People's government, and co organized by the Fujian machine tool industry association, Nan'an equipment manufacturing industry association and various professional and industry associations in the province. The theme is "promoting the first generation numerical control demonstration project and moving towards Quanzhou equipment manufacturing 2025", which aims to improve the level of machinery manufacturing and reduce factory procurement costs

according to incomplete statistics, this exhibition attracted nearly 30000 buyers and social visitors from home and abroad, with a cumulative turnover of more than 1billion yuan

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