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The opening of the third China International Pharmaceutical Industry Expo

in order to adapt to the new situation of China's accession to the WTO, promote the implementation of the newly revised Drug Administration Law and enterprise GMP and GSP, and further promote the standardized development of China's pharmaceutical market, The third China International Pharmaceutical Industry Expo, CO hosted by China National Pharmaceutical Corporation, China International Trade Center Corporation and China International Trade Center Corporation, was grandly held at the China International Exhibition Center from July 9 to 12

in the preparation process of this exhibition, attention was paid to some well-known enterprises and new powerful enterprises in China's pharmaceutical field, and the promotion was strengthened to ensure the smooth progress of investment attraction for the exhibition of testing equipment indispensable for physical experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on

the exhibition will mainly display pharmaceutical machinery and packaging machinery, packaging materials, drug detection and analysis instruments, biopharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, etc. nearly 200 enterprises will jointly launch the equipment and products they have the potential to develop and produce, and some well-known operators and agents in the industry will attend the conference. In addition, Hong Kong Aoxing company, Huamei group, Jebsen foreign bank, Youde International Co., Ltd., Degussa Taiping Zhai Guangjing introduction Co., Ltd., Honeywell International Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., Lifeng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., ECOMAN Co., Ltd., sedoli, domino, IMAS, etc. will display technologies and products representing new technologies and achievements in the international pharmaceutical field, so as to fully meet the different needs of professional units

the organizer of the conference will also invite industry enterprises, scientific research institutions and professionals to visit the site for guidance, exchange experience, communicate information and negotiate cooperation

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