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The world's first turntable intelligent production line XCMG great power heavy equipment "sci-fi blockbuster" means visual sense

the world's first turntable intelligent production line XCMG great power heavy equipment "sci-fi blockbuster" means visual sense

China Construction Machinery Information

the seventh episode of "great power heavy equipment (Season 2)" intelligent manufacturing pioneer

the world is at the intersection of new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation

continuous integration of informatization and industrialization, with robot technology as the substitute 2.1 A= ω V......................................... The intelligent equipment industry of formula (2) is booming

2017, China continued to become the world's largest industrial robot market, with sales exceeding 120000 units, accounting for about one third of the world's total output

instant vision of XCMG's "sci-fi blockbuster" at the same time, China has become the world's largest consumer of high-end CNC machine tools for the ninth consecutive year, with 50% of the world's CNC machine tools installed on China's production lines

let the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy be deeply integrated. In this priority area of national scientific and technological innovation, Chinese enterprises are making efforts to manufacture new equipment

great powers and heavy weapons (second season)

Hannover, Germany

Hannover Expo, Germany, is the world's largest industrial event. This annual stage to display the world's latest industrial and technological achievements, intelligent manufacturing has become the focus of Hannover Expo for two consecutive years

great power and heavy equipment (second quarter)

great power and heavy equipment (second quarter)

Yang Yong, then deputy general manager of XCMG, led the technical team to find solutions for manufacturing upgrading. Intelligent manufacturing has become a common choice for strategic upgrading of the global manufacturing industry. No enterprise dares to take it lightly on this new starting line

Xuzhou, Jiangsu

the world's largest construction machinery manufacturing plant, has an intelligent production line for crane turntable, a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing of traditional industries. For Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, this intelligent production line needs to be established as soon as possible. There is no world No. 1 forever. If they want to continue to keep ahead in the intelligent era, their vision must be further

because the input of intelligent manufacturing is huge, the output effect can be seen in some industries, and some industries can't see it for the time being. But if anyone gives up this, I'm afraid he won't have a future—— Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group

heavy equipment of great power (second quarter)

heavy equipment of great power (second quarter)

in the intelligent production line of crane turntable with a length of 100 meters, the flexible workpiece pallet has 168 fixed points on the pallet, which can accurately clamp each turntable workpiece, and 18 processes can be completed at one go. The intelligent rail guided vehicle carrying the workpiece tray will automatically dock with the welding workstation to complete the intelligent operation, and the docking accuracy is 0.01 degrees

read the maximum load displayed from the left load column on the main page of the experiment fm

heavy equipment in a big country (second season)

the world's first turntable intelligent production line is about to be born, with an annual operating mileage of 1933 kilometers, a daily output of 40 crane turntables, the world's first output, one person supervising 10 machines, and a model of intelligent and efficient production in the traditional manufacturing industry

the world's first intelligent production line for large structural parts in the crane industry, covering more than 20 products, is a milestone in the exploration of Intelligent Manufacturing in traditional industries with multiple varieties, small batches and discrete types

heavy equipment in a big country (second quarter)

heavy equipment in a big country (second quarter)

the era of intelligent manufacturing is coming. This is the advantage of our special materials. The country where we are located is emerging one after another "intelligent manufacturing pioneers", covering 82 industries such as petrochemical, steel, aviation, automobile, etc. Over the past two years, the average production efficiency has increased by 30% and the energy utilization rate has increased by 10%

the curtain of intelligent manufacturing has been opened! Great, big XCMG. Awesome, made in China

heavy equipment in a big country (second quarter) 3 Ling chemical has cooperated with biotechnology companies to produce bio based BDO to achieve sustainable development. Replay time:

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the second round: from March 11 to March 18,

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