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The world's first three-dimensional core transformer with the maximum capacity of 20000kva was successfully developed in Haihong company. In order to improve the energy efficiency of transformer equipment, Guangdong Haihong Transformer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haihong company) has increased its R & D investment in the related technology of three-dimensional core transformer. Recently, Haihong company's technical R & D has sent a welcome report on our company's relevant experimental machine knowledge, The research and development of s13-rl-20000/110/10.5, the world's largest three-dimensional roll core, was successful in Haihong company, which once again opened a new milestone in the research and development of three-dimensional roll core technology of Haihong company

since 2005, Haihong company has been focusing on the research of related technologies of three-dimensional roll iron core. After years of development, the product series has been continuously expanded, and the products are getting better and the capacity is getting larger. At present, the technology of three-dimensional wound core transformer has been applied, and the products have been successfully developed and produced, including various series of three-dimensional wound core transformers with a voltage level of 10kV ~ 35kV and a capacity of 20000 KVA and below; The manufacturing technology level and overall strength of various special transformers such as combined transformers, prefabricated substations, wind power transformers in wind farms, class 1E class K3 dry-type transformers in the nuclear island, photovoltaic power generation transformers, rectifier transformers, etc. have been further improved

iron core is the most important core part of a transformer. The quality of iron core directly affects the performance of the transformer. The silicon steel sheet used in this 20000kva three-dimensional coil core weighs 13.7 tons, plus the tooling and mold, it weighs 16.5 tons. It is nearly 2 meters high and 1 meter wide, with high friction 9 meters, which is difficult for core winding, assembly and other processes. Through the joint efforts of engineers in the technical center of Haihong company and core management technicians, the trial production of the product was successful at one time. The performance test shows that all performance parameters are superior, reaching grade II of S13 oil transformer energy efficiency and 0 deviation level. This marks the success of Haihong company in the research and development of high-voltage and high-capacity three-dimensional wound core structure transformer, and provides a strong guarantee for Haihong company to launch 110kV and 220kV power transformers

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