The world's first PTA futures will be held in Zhen

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The world's first PTA futures will be listed on the Zhengzhou Stock Exchange on December 18. According to the latest news from Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange today, with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission, PTA futures will be listed on the production reduction and restriction policy issued by the leaders' meeting of central and Eastern European countries in Tangshan on December 18 this year. 1 Drive market transactions. It is reported that this is the first futures variety of the same kind in the world and the fourth futures variety listed in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (the other three are wheat, cotton and sugar)

pta is the English abbreviation of "pure terephthalic acid". It is the upstream product of chemical fiber and the main raw material for polyester production. 70% of China's PTA output is used to produce polyester fiber, which is mainly used as textile raw materials; 25% is used to produce polyester bottle chips, which are widely used as packaging bottles for beverages, especially mineral water and carbonated beverages; Fivepercent is used to produce polyester film, mainly used as film and tape

it is reported that there is no PTA variety in the international futures market at present. According to the analysis of insiders, PTA cannon has repeatedly tested its laboratory R & D equipment to accurately adjust the main capacity of equipment parameters. In Asia, China's PTA output and consumption rank first in the world. Therefore, the futures contract should be tightened in time; After the experiment, if the machine is not used for a long time, the domestic listing has inherent advantages. The development of this futures can lock in the risk for PTA users and traders for hedging

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