The world's first unmanned parking Technology

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The world's first unmanned parking technology has been put into use

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the picture shows the automatic valet parking system put into use in the parking lot of Mercedes Benz Museum. (materials and pictures)

only through the smart app, users can directly enter the automatic valet parking service without drivers. Now, this dream has become a reality. Bosch group and Daimler have recently obtained approval from relevant German departments to allow the use of the automatic valet parking system jointly developed by both sides in the parking lot of Mercedes Benz Museum. This is the first SAE level 4 fully automatic driving applicable to parking function in the world. It is approved to be applied to daily life. It is a new milestone in the field of automatic driving

automatic valet parking requires no driver at all. The owner drives the car to the parking lot and gets off, then just click on the screen to send the car to the parking lot; When picking up the car, the vehicle will return to the vehicle owner's drop off point in the same way. The whole process depends on the close cooperation between the parking lot intelligent infrastructure and Mercedes Benz automotive technology. Among them, Bosch sensor is responsible for detecting the vehicle driving path and the surrounding environment of the parking lot, providing relevant information necessary for commanding the vehicle, and converting intelligent commands into driving operation commands. In this way, the car can go up and down the ramp by itself and move between different areas of the parking lot. Once the infrastructure sensor detects an obstacle, the vehicle will immediately brake

members of the board of directors of Bosch group said that driverless and automatic parking are important cornerstones for realizing intelligent transportation in the future. This automatic valet parking system demonstrates our achievements in this field

the person in charge of driving technology and self computer screen display experimental force and experimental curve dynamic driving of Daimler AG said that as a pioneer in the field of automatic driving, this project paved the way for the future mass production of automatic valet parking. Filler 4.0~6.0

Bosch and Daimler have jointly developed a full-automatic parking system since 2015, and demonstrated to the public for the first time in 2017 the full-automatic valet parking technology under the conditions of sorting, crushing and cleaning waste plastics on the real site with or without drivers. Since then, the project has entered the intensive testing and start-up phase. From 2018, the public can experience this parking service accompanied by well-trained safety officers and give feedback on their use feelings. The pilot project also includes the lamp concept test. The blue-green lamp indicates that the vehicle is in the automatic driving mode, so as to inform pedestrians and other road users who are often using the knowledge normally protected by the experimental instrument about the status of the vehicle

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