The world's first plastic highway built in Holland

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The world's first "plastic road" was built in the Netherlands. On September 25, pedestrians rode bicycles on the "plastic road" in zwole, the Netherlands. The Netherlands has built the world's first environment-friendly intelligent bicycle lane with renewable plastics. This two-way bicycle lane is 30 meters long. The recycled materials used are equivalent to 218000 plastic cups, but it is impossible to obtain damaged curves or 500000 plastic bottle caps on a general experimental machine. According to the assessment, its durability is three times that of asphalt concrete roads, and the carbon dioxide emission during the preparation process is less. The domestic output of lithium iron phosphate materials continues to grow. The bicycle lane is composed of 11 precast slabs with a length of 3M and a width of 2.4m, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The interior of the road is designed as a hollow structure, which is convenient for laying cables and pipelines and for drainage in case of rain. Various sensors are also installed under the road surface to monitor the road temperature and the number of bicycles passing at any time

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