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The world's first "three energy" power station is located in Zhuhai recently, Zhuhai Wanshan marine development zone and Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a contract on the "research and construction of island renewable independent energy system". It is reported that this project is a national 863 science and technology program in the 11th five year plan

it can provide power for 300 people on the island

according to the introduction of the Windows XP operating system platform as the main control system software of youyage, marine energy laboratory, Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, marine energy usually refers to the renewable energy stored in the ocean, mainly including tidal energy, wave energy, ocean current energy, sea water temperature difference energy, sea water salt difference energy, marine wind energy, solar energy, etc. At present, except for the mature development and utilization of tidal energy, wind energy and solar energy, the development of other energy is still in the stage of technical research and demonstration test

you Yage said that the "research and construction of island renewable independent energy source system for further improvement" project will build the world's first island renewable independent energy demonstration system containing solar, wind and wave energy

it is reported that the system can operate independently without the assistance of electricity or any other power system, providing power and fresh water for the island with about 300 people

you Yage said that this technology adopts a number of independently developed patented technologies and is progressiveness and original in system optimization and integration, typhoon resistance, energy utilization, etc

"three energy" comprehensive utilization is the world's first.

at present, China's small-scale wave power generation technology has been applied, and the development and utilization of separate wind energy and solar energy are relatively mature, but the comprehensive utilization of the three is still the world's first

the project is a national 863 science and technology plan project during the 11th five year plan. It is planned to start construction this year with a total installed capacity of 200kW and an annual power generation capacity of 100000 kwh. While supplying power, the excess energy can be used for seawater desalination, with an annual output of 10000 tons of fresh water

it is reported that more than 80% of the above energy is provided by wave energy, wind energy and solar energy devices, which can be used for lighting by hundreds of residents living on Dangan island. At the same time, the transformed fresh water can effectively alleviate the shortage of fresh water for residents on the island

it can be put into operation for power generation at the end of next year

director you Yage said that the difficulty of the project is to use three kinds of unstable energy to supply power to unstable users, and it is an independent operation for power generation. Due to the instability of energy and users, large battery capacity and large charging capacity are required. E. according to the scientific understanding and inversion ability of the theoretical principle and practical experience of the method, strong energy regulation means are also required, such as the consumption of excess energy through seawater desalination, while wave energy power generation uses the up and down movement of sea waves. Note: the strength level of superior products shall not be less than Mu15 energy

according to the plan, the project can be put into operation for power generation by the end of next year. At that time, the residents on Dangan island will be able to generate power far away from the existing diesel fuel with high cost

it is understood that Zhuhai island is currently dominated by diesel power generation. Diesel power generation consumes a lot of energy and has high transportation costs. The cost of residential electricity per kilowatt hour exceeds three yuan. If the project is put into operation, the cost of residential electricity on the island can be reduced by half

another great advantage is that marine energy is rich, widely distributed, clean and pollution-free

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