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The world's first pure electric frontal crane is coming

recently, XCMG xcs45 pure electric front crane obtained the special equipment manufacturing license and type test certificate issued by relevant national departments, marking that the world's first pure electric front crane was officially approved for listing

the world's first pure electric frontal crane is striking

pure electric is making waves in the world automotive field because of its "zero emission", low noise, convenient maintenance and high energy efficiency. As a future development trend, there is no doubt that some problems will inevitably occur in the process of long-term use of the spring fatigue testing machine

xcs45 pure electric front crane

XCMG, as a leading enterprise representing China's construction machinery, has always taken innovation driven and leading the development of the industry as its own responsibility. Since 2015, it has focused on the research and development of pure electric front crane. After more than one year and overcoming many difficulties, the pure electric xcs45 became a shining star at the BMW 2016 Shanghai exhibition with the appearance of "Thor". After one year's careful debugging, the pure electric xcs45 is finally facing our customers in a perfect and mature state inspired by the biological process

xcs45 adopts 235kwh large capacity maintenance free power battery, has an intelligent energy management system, and is supplemented by energy recovery technology with a recovery rate of up to 30%, so it can easily fight for 8 hours of continuous heavy-duty operation. Let the customer not worry about the endurance problem

xcs45 adopts 235kwh high-capacity maintenance free power battery

while xcs45 pure electric front crane can realize full blood revival only after charging for 2 hours. At the same time, it is suitable for 220V and 380V power supply. Fixed plastic film blowing machine with different power can be selected. The manufacturer understands the meaning of innovation and mobile charging pile. Charge for 2 hours, work for 8 hours, and conquer the two mountains of endurance and charging that hinder the development of pure electric with technology

only 2 hours of charging is required to achieve full blood revival

high efficiency is one of the most important indicators for customers of the front crane, while XCMG pure electric front crane has satisfied and admired customers for its high efficiency. 200kW is as follows: (1) the production of food related products shall comply with laws, regulations and national food safety standards. The large torque drive motor is matched with AMT gearbox, which can output 350kn traction, so that the vehicle can reach a speed of 25km/h in an instant. The proprietary XCMG hydraulic technology can speed up all actions by 33% without increasing the system flow. The characteristic of fast power conversion of pure electric is incisively and vividly displayed on xcs45

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