Wooden walls with clear lines

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The wood walls with clear lines, bamboo partitions, tree roots and tea tables, a natural style, make people feel as if they are outside the world. The tension, crowding and environmental pollution of life in big cities make people tired and yearn to enjoy more sunshine, air, birds and flowers. This is reflected in more and more young people

Chinese style &mdash& mdash; Luxury, elegance, low-carbon health

in the Chinese style decoration, both the choice of decoration materials and the requirements of construction technology are higher, and the environmental protection of home is more fully reflected. For example, the decorative panels in Chinese decoration usually use plywood, which is more environmentally friendly than Orson board; In the construction process, the Chinese style decoration often adopts the construction method of painting varnish on the surface, while the simple style or European style usually adopts the construction method of spraying paint. The varnish is relatively environmentally friendly due to the lack of pigments

the basic materials of Chinese style decoration generally require the use of solid wood or solid wood strips. When using decorative panels, the thickness and texture of the surface veneer are also required to be high, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the ideal decoration effect. Mahogany furniture, as the protagonist in Chinese decoration, is not only natural and pollution-free, but also has the effect of health preservation. Moreover, from the perspective of recycling, the service cycle is quite long. Youlian is a Qing style plum finch porch platform with ancient style and elegant charm. It is antique, with Chinese decorations, elegant and dignified. This set of Tang style is sparse and modern elements are integrated into the atmosphere. The classical Tang style is fashionable and generous. In recent years, more and more young people prefer mahogany furniture for the reasons of the addition of modern fashion elements. And the only thing that can combine luxury and environmental protection is probably mahogany furniture

pursuing a non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free living environment has become the mainstream trend of people's life today. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the health of the living environment. Choosing the most suitable environment-friendly decoration style, pursuing personalized green fashion, and creating a healthy and comfortable green living space while improving your home environment have become the main focus of today's decoration style





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