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At present, the raw materials of composite flooring in China are basically regenerated forests for 2-3 years, which can be cut down from saplings to mature trees. The cut trees can be stripped, pruned, cleaned and crushed

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let's talk about what is composite floor first

at present, domestic composite flooring raw materials basically use regenerated forests for 2-3 years. From saplings to adult trees, you can cut down, cut down trees, remove branches, clean, crush, high-temperature cooking and then press to form, so the process of each process is very important

at present, the only best way to identify the quality of the floor with the naked eye is that the color of the floor substrate is white. The fiber is very delicate, which can be considered basically, because the bark is not cleaned in the processing process. The substrate will blacken. If it does not meet the required color during the cleaning process, it is also easy to blacken. This black is only slightly black, not all black

it is suggested that netizens should take more flooring from several manufacturers for actual comparison when buying flooring, so as to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of flooring. Because the cost of the substrate accounts for 80% of the total cost. If the substrate is not used well, it is impossible to ensure whether the wood grain paper and wear-resistant paper meet the standard

how to distinguish raw materials of composite floor and what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing

1: wood grain paper: imported paper contains anti ultraviolet additives, so it will not have leg color in the process of use, while domestic paper does not meet the table standard. After half a year of use, in places directly exposed to the sun, such as balconies, windows will have leg color

2: wear resistant layer: at present, the wear-resistant paper used by some domestic manufacturers is 46g paper of Mead company in the United States. The domestic detection standard of wear-resistant layer is about 9000 turns, which is the highest level in China. The wear-resistant basic guarantee service life is 15 years. Domestic rotten board is made of domestic rotten paper of 33 grams or 38 grams. The warranty period is 2-3 years. Therefore, the wear-resistant layer of famous brands produced by regular manufacturers can reach 46 grams. Some manufacturers say that their products can reach 12000 rpm or even 20000 rpm, which is a little unrealistic

3. Substrate: at present, the best substrate manufacturer ranked first in China is Daya group, and the rest are: Jixiang substrate, Baigao substrate, Juning substrate, Beisen substrate, etc. When looking at the substrate, the above has been introduced. The better the substrate, the more you can consider buying it. As for the green core substrate in the market, they just want to sell it as a selling point. The raw material of wood is white, how can it be green? Is it believable that the substrate they said contains green environmental protection hormones

4. Balance layer: the balance layer on the back of the floor is mainly subject to uniform color and no scratches. Otherwise, urea formaldehyde glue is used to replace melamine glue, and the urea formaldehyde content is high. On the other hand, it is related to the wear-resistant layer. If the rotation number of the wear-resistant layer is higher, the tension of the balance layer is greater, otherwise the balance layer will lift

5. Floor outer packaging: the floors produced by regular manufacturers basically have detailed production addresses, including. Address, fax, telephone, postal code. So please be sure to recognize the packaging when buying

let's talk about the accessories and accessories of the floor

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