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At present, China is the third largest market for wallpaper consumption in the world - the utilization rate of wallpaper interior decoration materials in China is only 2%-3%, which is obviously insignificant compared with the utilization rate of foreign markets such as Europe and the United States

Ding Liqiang, general manager of Huzhou Xingxiu decorative materials Co., Ltd.

advocates the five-star standard and actively guides the industry

at present, China, as the third largest market for wallpaper consumption in the world - the utilization rate of wallpaper interior decorative materials in China is only 2%-3%, which is obviously insignificant compared with the utilization rate of foreign markets such as Europe and the United States. In the next five to ten years, the market share of Chinese wallpaper will reach 20% - 30%. If we want to share this 20% - 30% share with many wallpaper brands, we will face not only competitors, but also breakthroughs, innovation and development in the entire wallpaper industry

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the majority of consumers are now post-80s generation. Their requirements for the health, safety and environmental protection of their own living environment are also higher and higher, so the interior decoration has also been raised to a new height. Correspondingly, the pursuit of diversified quality of life for beauty, color and style and the concept of advocating nature and harmony have been further amplified. Therefore, green, environmental protection, nature and health have also become the development theme of various decorative materials, and wallpaper is no exception. We must study with an open mind, learn from and absorb the design concepts of foreign wallpaper enterprises, so as to design products suitable for domestic consumers, show a distinctive style and charm, improve product competitiveness, and drive the healthy and benign development of the entire wallpaper industry

the healthy development of the industry is also inseparable from the construction of standards and the self-discipline of enterprises. At present, the standards of the wallpaper industry are not perfect. In 2013, Xingxiu wallpaper took the lead in participating in the "five star standard of Chinese wallpaper" initiative hosted by the media branch of the China Association for standardization, explaining to consumers the brand connotation of "Xingxiu" and "paper in the world" Wallpapers that follow standards, attach importance to standards, and advocate standards, and actively guiding wallpapers and wallpaper service brand enterprises to participate in the standardization process in China. Star show will pay attention to the content of the five-star standard initiative of Chinese wallpaper in multiple links (i.e. the star of quality standard, the star of service standard, the star of green standard, the star of commitment standard and the star of innovation standard), and integrate the content of the five-star standard into enterprise management, brand building, consumer service, product innovation, environmental protection and green, as well as the standardization of production process, so as to contribute to the branding, standardization Contribute to large-scale development. We hope that when the majority of wallpaper consumers choose wallpapers and related Wallpapers services, they will try to use the "five-star standard" initiative to guide people's consumption concept, and when choosing agent Wallpapers brands for industry distributors and agents, they can use the "standard" vision to distinguish and distinguish, and at the same time, let the "star show" and "paper world" brands truly understand consumption and worry free agency in the market

strengthen the sense of competition and create a team spirit

in recent years, the number of domestic wallpaper enterprises has increased rapidly from the initial more than 30 to more than 1000. For a time, the wallpaper market is in a white hot competition stage. With the homogenization of various brands in the market, in order to strive for more high-quality dealer resources, wallpaper manufacturers have resorted to various tricks, such as free version delivery, ultra-low price supply, advertising support, etc., so that wallpaper enterprises have also encountered the industry reshuffle stage

however, with the gradual maturity of products in the whole industry and the formation of large-scale products, the personalized style of products of domestic wallpaper enterprises will be amplified, and finally a personalized wallpaper enterprise and professional service mode will be formed. When choosing manufacturers, dealers have been more rational and pay more attention to the product quality and service quality of manufacturers. Therefore, our Xingxiu employees, partners and dealers work as a team to make the "Xingxiu" and "paper world" brands known to more and more people

the development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the strength of the team. Therefore, there are three points to build a good team: first, provide a platform for employees to reflect their self-worth and find a way out for their development. Second, trust and actively communicate with dealers to make them profitable and promote Xingxiu brand more actively. Third, Xingxiu adopts the products of first-class companies at home and abroad from production equipment to raw material supply. In just three years, Xingxiu has been recognized by consumers at home and abroad, and its products are exported to India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and other countries

for the subsequent stable development of Xingxiu, the company has been constantly reforming and innovating in product technology, materials and processes, independently developing differentiated new products, participating in market competition, and achieving a win-win market strategy with personality. At the same time, it has strengthened brand building and actively promoted the effective development of the enterprise

in the future, only by daring to accept the positive competition, insisting on participating in the fair and fair competition with high-quality products, considerate services and continuous innovation, can we lead to the road of true success





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