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Lyme electronics made its debut in SNEC 2015 to show the soft power of technical support and services

Beijing, China. On May 21, 2015, recently, Lyme Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., the world's leading power sensor manufacturer, with its innovative products and solutions in the field of solar energy and photovoltaic, appeared in SNEC's ninth (2015) international solar energy industry and photovoltaic engineering exhibition. During this exhibition, LEM electronics not only showed its customers LEM's leading products in terms of power sensors, but also showed its strong technical support and service strength. Lyme electronics made full use of this exhibition to have zero distance communication with customers. The Lyme electronics exhibition area attracted many customers and partners to stop and watch and ask many technical questions. Lyme's technical support and sales personnel collected and answered customers' questions and feedback one by one

Lyme electronics has been focusing on the field of electricity measurement for more than 40 years, and has been striving to provide customers with the best products, good technical support and sound after-sales service for a long time. In this appearance at SNEC 2015, Lyme electronics aims to take advantage of the exhibition opportunity to conduct face-to-face communication with customers, record customer needs and suggestions, and help to make targeted improvements in technology in the future. Impact testing machine is used to test the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load. As a market leader in the field of electrical sensors, Lyme Electronics' strategy is to give full play to the inherent advantages of its core business, develop new application fields, and provide customers with perfect technical support and after-sales service. For a long time, Lyme electronics has not only performed excellently in providing products to customers, but also focused on improving its technical capabilities. It has equipped customers with professional sales and technical teams to provide customers with strong technical support, advice and services. No matter before or after sales, the professional technical team of Lyme electronics can provide customized technical support and solutions for customers in every link

the technical support personnel in the LEM electronics exhibition area are explaining the LEM exhibits and answering customer questions

with the rapid development of new energy and smart electricity, there are many new demands for electricity measurement, and the requirements for the performance of sensors are getting higher and higher. In the face of the increasing demand for adaptability and accuracy of electric control, Lyme electronics insists on being customer-oriented, launching targeted solutions according to the needs of global customers, improving the quality of support services, and helping customers face the development challenges of the industry through more professional technical support

Zhang Yonggang, general sales manager of Lyme Electronics (China) Co., Ltd., said: Lyme has been committed to improving its investment in product research and development, technical support and after-sales service in China for many years. Through the world's leading innovative technology and high-quality electricity measurement solutions, it will help China's new energy and smart electricity industry partners jointly face industry challenges and achieve efficient development. On this basis, with Lyme's deep understanding of the field of electrical sensors and meeting the changing needs of customers, we can deeply cultivate the new energy field with deeper technology accumulation, effectively support Chinese customers in the new energy field, and promote the development of the new energy application market. From equipment, more than 3/4 of them are the application of hot air plastic granulator Technical support, after-sales service and other aspects create good conditions for them to obtain the maximum revenue and become their reliable long-term partner

about LEM

turn the handwheel on the beam.

as a market leader in the field of electrical sensors, LEM provides customers with innovative technology and high-quality electrical measurement solutions. Its core product is current and voltage sensor, which can be widely used in driving and welding, renewable energy and power supply, railway and rail transit, high precision, traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles and other business fields. Lyme's strategy is to develop new application fields and seek opportunities for continuous development in new markets while giving full play to the inherent advantages of its core business. As a medium-sized global company, Lyme has production centers in Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland), Machida (Japan) and Sofia (Bulgaria), and its sales offices around the world can provide considerate services to customers all over the world. LEM group was listed on the Swiss stock exchange in 1986 (Stock Code: Lehn). Lyme Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned company of Lyme electronics in China. It has sales offices in various regions to provide global seamless services to Chinese customers

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