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Lin Xiaowei: the leader in Jinan construction machinery parts industry

Lin Xiaowei: the leader in Jinan construction machinery parts industry

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Lin Xiaowei, a native of QingKeng village, Chatian Town, operates five companies, including Shandong Jinan Lufeng Excavator Parts Trading Co., Ltd., Shandong Jinan Gutian crushing hammer manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., and Zhejiang tenacious bucket Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd, More than 30 construction machinery chain stores have been opened in provincial capitals across the country, with tens of thousands of construction machinery parts and components, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan

start from Guangzhou with a dream

in the 1990s, at the peak of the prosperity of chafeng hardware industry, chafeng people went out of the field to fight the hardware market all over the country. In 1991, 17-year-old Lin Xiaowei left school and entered society

at first, Lin Xiaowei went to Rui'an, Wenzhou, and worked part-time for two months. Then he followed the villagers in the village to Jiangxi, Fujian and other places to sell hardware and auto parts. At that time, his parents pieced together to lend him 3000 yuan as the principal. As a result, the goods were sold out, but the payment could not be received, and he lost all his money. Lin Xiaowei was not discouraged. He continued to sell in Guangzhou and was determined to earn back the money he lost

based on Longquan chafeng, Lin Xiaowei has established the brand of "Zhejiang chafeng Yangcheng auto parts factory". In the national hardware and auto parts market at that time, Tea rich "Fame is bigger than Longquan. At that time, most salesmen didn't have their own products, but as middlemen to sell products from Wenzhou Ruian, Jinhua Yongkang and Zhuji. A product brochure is now all Lin Xiaowei's belongings to start a business. Although the investment cost is small, it is very difficult to do it. Because Longquan has a long way to Guangzhou, it was necessary to take a bus to Jinhua first, and then take the green train to Guangzhou, which was slow No, and it's crowded. Every time he goes to Guangzhou, Lin Xiaowei has to take the train for more than 20 hours. It's common to stop at one station, so that his feet get swollen at the end. " Meador concluded that

Lin Xiaowei sold his products door-to-door. After receiving the order, he carpooled with fellow villagers to deliver the goods to Guangzhou, and then carried them to the customer's store by bike

"that's an age full of dreams. As long as you pay something in return, all the hard work is nothing." Lin Xiaowei is expanding the market little by little in strange cities. Although he is young, he is generous. In order to open the market, he always lets customers try it first, and then collects money when they are satisfied. If the other party says that the product is not good or there is a problem, this article briefly introduces the test function of the spring fatigue tester, and then changes the product. Lin Xiaowei quickly opened up the market in Guangzhou with the belief that he would rather suffer a loss than let customers have a murmur. In the first year in Guangzhou, I made more than 100000 yuan, which was a considerable income at that time

later, Lin Xiaowei felt that chafeng people went to Rui'an, Yongkang and other places to pick up goods, which was not only a waste of time, but also a high cost. So he contacted manufacturers in Ruian, Jinhua, Zhuji and other places in Wenzhou to act as their hardware product agents in chafeng and directly provide supply for chafeng's bosses

later, chafeng hardware market began to decline because the bosses gradually moved to Guangzhou. In 1995, Lin Xiaowei transferred the hardware auto parts store located in chafeng to Guangzhou Yuangang Auto Parts City, starting a new round of development. In Guangzhou, he started his business from a small store of 60 square meters, and in 1997, he developed into a large-scale trading company, with a 500 square meter office space and a large number of customers

moved to Shandong to open up a "new battlefield"

in 1999, affected by the entire market, the auto parts business was in a downturn, and the market competition became increasingly fierce. Facing the sudden situation, Lin Xiaowei took a fancy to the prospect of the construction machinery industry in China and went north to Shandong to expand new markets

in 2000, Lin Xiaowei established Jinan Lufeng Excavator Parts Trading Co., Ltd. in Jinan, Shandong Province. During the several years of development in Jinan, the construction machinery market is also quietly changing. More and more people are engaged in the construction machinery business, and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. By 2004, the excavator accessories industry began to slowly fall back. The unpredictable market makes Lin Xiaowei realize that only staying in the sales of construction machinery can only turn around on the traditional basic industries at best, and the development potential is very limited. Inspired by his previous business of auto parts, he fully realized that to grow a business, we must grasp the initiative of the market and have our own products

breaking hammer is a large mechanical equipment for breaking stones. At that time, Lin Xiaowei found that large-scale equipment such as crusher hammer was in great demand in China, but the quality requirements were high and the threshold was high. He established Gutian crushing hammer manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Jinan and was determined to develop this market. At that time, the core technology of crushing hammer was not very mature in China, and only South Korea had such products and technology. Lin Xiaowei overcame many difficulties, introduced advanced equipment and technology from South Korea, first assembled and tested the products by himself, and then developed his own products after opening the market

after more than a year of efforts, the research and development of new products have been successful, the quality of crushing hammer has been guaranteed, and the product sales have also developed from Shandong, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other provinces (regions) to more than 10 countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia and so on. In this way, Lin Xiaowei won customers and the market with his persistence, high-quality service, quality speaking, word-of-mouth communication and brand building development strategy

return to hometown and build a rear base

in April 2007, Lin Xiaowei responded to the call of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to encourage entrepreneurs who start businesses abroad to return to their hometown and set up Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. in the return engineering block of Zhejiang Longquan Industrial Park, invested 40million yuan to build an enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of floating oil seals for crawler construction machinery, and built a rear production base in his hometown

Lin Xiaowei adheres to the concept of "embracing morality and promoting science and technology", implements refined management with innovation as the core, accelerates the innovation and development of enterprises, and continuously enhances the market competitiveness of enterprises

he advocates brand awareness, attaches importance to cultivating corporate culture, strictly controls quality, and constantly improves the quality and skills of employees. Directly employ South Korean management and technical personnel to train enterprise employees, and send backbone technical personnel to South Korea to carry out technical exchanges, so as to realize the integration of internal and external information resources such as technology, customers, supply and marketing, and form an information chain that breeds business opportunities, promotes innovation, and optimizes decision-making, so as to achieve the goal of "achieving fine management with data informatization, business standardization with process informatization, and improving enterprise management with decision-making informatization", It improves the rapid response and development ability of the enterprise

through the effective integration of Shandong Gutian crushing hammer manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Lin Xiaowei also realized the sharing of internal resources in different places, making the enterprise dominant in the field of construction machinery industry and becoming a well-known enterprise in the construction machinery industry integrating R & D, production and sales

For many years, Zhejiang Guangli Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has been recognized as "national high-tech enterprise", "Zhejiang standardized safety production enterprise", "integrity enterprise", "Zhejiang science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise" and many other honorary titles

helping villagers "help, lead and help" has been highly praised

since the establishment of Jinan chamber of Commerce of the Municipal General Chamber of Commerce in April 2010, Lin Xiaowei has been elected president of the chamber of Commerce for two consecutive terms. His success in his career and his willingness to suffer losses and make profits made him recognized by Longquan villagers who started businesses abroad

at present, there are more than 200 Longquan businessmen starting businesses in Shandong, involving dozens of industries such as engineering auto parts, clothing, leather shoes and so on. In order to provide a better entrepreneurial platform for members of the chamber of Commerce, Lin Xiaowei has traveled through major markets in Shandong Province to find business opportunities and create a good entrepreneurial platform for members. He also paid attention to the "help belt" to provide help for Longquan people in Entrepreneurship and employment in Shandong

he Liwen is the boss of Hefei Lufeng engineering machinery parts company of Anwei, who once lost money in the clothing business in Jinan. Lin Xiaowei met he through a gathering of fellow villagers. After learning about the situation, he took him into the construction machinery business, helped him find a store in Hefei, and also provided goods, so that he could open the store with the minimum investment. With the help of Lin Xiaowei, he Liwen's business became better and better, and the turnover reached more than 3 million yuan in the third year

Lin Xiaowei also led everyone to actively participate in public welfare undertakings and give back to his hometown. In recent years, he has donated more than 400000 yuan to various public welfare activities in Longquan City, such as "five water governance", love student aid and so on. He personally supported five poor students until they graduated from university

in his hometown, Lin Xiaowei was elected as an outstanding young entrepreneur of the city, an outstanding member of the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, and won many honorary titles such as the city's top ten outstanding entrepreneurs. He was elected as a deputy to the 15th Longquan Municipal People's Congress, and served as the vice president of the General Chamber of Commerce of the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, the vice president of the municipal Automobile Air Conditioning Association, and the director of the municipal entrepreneurs' Federation

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