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On May, the annual China International cold chain exhibition of China International cold chain exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai, and the five King Kong of Linde made a wonderful appearance. Compared with traditional industry exhibitions, the combination of upstream and downstream enterprises enables exhibitors to have stronger complementarity and cooperation space, and better show the service capabilities of enterprises in various fields of the cold chain industry

Linde five King Kong appeared at the China International cold chain exhibition

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Linde invited five King Kong to appear at the cold chain exhibition this time, including five Lean products, including the newly launched electric counterweight forklift e20sl, electric counterweight forklift e16c, forward moving forklift r14s, pallet stacking truck L12, and electric pallet carrier mt15, which analyze the wear state by analyzing and measuring the changes of surface morphology before and after wear

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for the working conditions of the cold storage, Linde has increased the lighting fixtures of the electric forklift and the protective devices of the rear-view mirror, so as to reduce the damage of accidentally falling goods to the operator and forklift, the fully enclosed heating instrument and the contactless Hall effect handle, It ensures the normal operation of forklifts in the high temperature difference and high humidity environment entering and leaving the cold storage. The Linde forward moving forklift truck with all wheel braking function has increased the braking function on the driving wheel and two bearing wheels of the forklift truck to reduce the braking distance (especially in the ice environment where the cold storage knot is an important task in front of us). The special anti-skid tires can achieve rapid and stable parking on the slippery ground. The door lock adopts a polyurethane/carbon fiber composite material to avoid accidents

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Linde has more than 50 years of mature cold storage protection technology and experience. With first-class cold storage protection modification technology, careful and safe design and function, excellent and efficient operation and performance, perfect and stable products and quality, Linde special forklift for cold storage protection provides customers with high-quality cold chain material handling solutions

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