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Linde forklift Germany celebrates the successful offline of 750000 forklifts

Linde forklift Germany celebrates the successful offline of 750000 forklifts

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as a leading forklift manufacturer in Europe, Linde forklift celebrated the successful offline of 750000 forklifts - 5-ton electric counterweight forklifts in the main plant of the German headquarters in assafenburg at the end of last month. This forklift has a comfortable cab and a 2.3-meter-long fork, and is equipped with a heating system and blue dot technology. It will be delivered to and work for BMW Group's wextorf components factory in Germany

the first model Linde made in ashafinburg was hubtrac. Under the condition of limited production in that year, one fifth of the forklifts were still sold abroad. Later, it was determined that the fault may be the switching solenoid valve. With the increasing demand, Linde developed it The 5-ton diesel forklift, with hydrostatic transmission technology, double pedal system and centralized joystick control system, has a precise handling level, which was well received at that time. In the early 1970s, Linde included the first electric counterweight forklift in the production plan, making Linde series more abundant. As of 1982, Linde diesel vehicles have included four different series, with load capacity ranging from 1.2 tons to 7 tons; The loading capacity of electric forklift reaches 1.2 tons to 3 tons. Until 2001, Linde's 100000th forklift was offline in ashafinburg. This achievement also witnessed that Linde won the honor of "forklift with the largest output in Europe", and Linde became the leader of the internal combustion forklift market. At the same time, the manufacturing of electric powered forklifts is also increasing in proportion

although the consumption of internal combustion forklifts has far exceeded that of electric powered forklifts for a long time, this situation has changed in the past decade, and the demand for electric forklifts has greatly increased. "In terms of output, I believe Linde has also become the leader in the European market." Ramsey hermitz, CEO of Shiloh industries, a metal parts manufacturer in Ohio, said: we should bear the tariff cost. Ms. Sabine, chief operating officer of Linde material handling, said, "by 2021, we will continue to invest 60 million euros in the production base in assafenburg. Through investment, we will further expand our production capacity in assafenburg and optimize our production process."

today, this 5-ton electric counterweight forklift equipped with a powerful electric drive system is not only suitable for the automotive industry, but also used in the food and beverage industry, construction industry, material trade industry, chemical industry and other industries. It has dual motor drive, combined steering axle and other technologies 10 The electric room should be cleaned at least once a year. When cleaning, please use a vacuum cleaner to remove the indoor dust. The advantage shows that the material is a homogeneous core material test provided according to the requirements of the new national standard issued by the state, so that this Linde electric forklift can operate economically, comfortably and efficiently

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