Basic purchase of the hottest electric hoist

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Basic purchase of electric hoist

1. Lifting speed: generally, the lifting speed of electric hoist is divided into single speed (8m/min) and double speed (8/0.8m/min). Generally, single speed electric hoist (i.e. CD1 type) is often selected without special requirements. If your working condition requires that the size of metallographic specimen should be accurately positioned in the process of lifting heavy objects, so as to be easy to hold and grind, It is easy to choose two speed electric hoist (MD1 type). Generally, improving the speed determines your work efficiency. The more high-speed electric hoist, the more efficiency you can improve

2. Lifting height: as a lifting tool, electric hoist has strict requirements on lifting height. Therefore, when purchasing, you should first choose the height of the lifting weight according to the height of your plant. The conventional lifting height is 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30m. In special occasions, you can enter the customer to do the design drawings and non-standard design according to the user's requirements

3. Voltage: because electric hoists are used in all walks of life, the voltage used by electric hoists is also different. There are 380V industrial power, 220V civil power, and even a series of non-standard power supplies such as 440V, 60Hz, 380V, 60Hz

4. Motor power: different electric hoists use different motors, which will be exactly the same by the end of 2016. The same 10t electric hoist motor may also be 13kw or 7.5kW, and customers can choose according to their different needs

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