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How dairy enterprises use blister packaging

recently, dried milk powder is very popular in the market. Several products launched on the market use blister packaging. According to the relevant personnel of the equipment department of Mengniu Dairy Group, the sales of "Mengniu brand" milk tablets in the southern market is in short supply, and there is no time to supply the northern market, so we can't see Mengniu's milk tablets in the northern market. At present, our demand for blister packaging equipment is very high, and we are organizing bidding recently

application of aluminum foil printing

the most conventional structure of aluminum foil for blister packaging is: varnish/ink/precoating/aluminum foil 20 microns/heat sealing coating. Aluminum foil on the market uses one-color or two-color printing, and multi-color aluminum foil materials can improve the price and quality of the impact machine, which is linked to the brand quality and improve the grade of products. Aluminum foil can also use anti-counterfeiting printing effect to ensure the market value of products. In addition, aluminum foil can also be printed by date to improve the humanized design of products. As a non drug blister packaging form, we should pay more attention to improving the added value of products to make it stand out among many similar products

special tablet type feeding system

at present, most of the shapes of milk tablets sold on the market are plain tablets with a diameter of about 20 mm and a thickness of about 7 mm. Its shape is too large, so the production speed is largely affected by the feeder

roller brush feeder: this feeding system is suitable for sugar coated tablets, soft capsules, pellets and other products that are easy to roll. Its advantage is low price, but its disadvantage is that it needs to roll the brush to brush the tablets into the bubble hole, which will wear the tablets to a certain extent, and the speed is slow. In addition, the leakage rate is relatively high

track type feeder: arrange the drugs in the track and lower them to the bubble hole. This cutting method has a wide range of applications, but sometimes it cannot be applied due to the influence of product shape and tolerance

vacuum barrel tripper: in fact, it is a kind of track tripper, which is generally used for double aluminum blister packaging, combined blanking and other special requirements, and the price is relatively expensive

alward type feeder: generally used for double aluminum packaging, it is less used, more expensive, and the speed is relatively low. Combfill type tripper: it is generally applicable to special-shaped pieces, soft capsules or other products with large tolerance. It can often handle products that cannot be handled by other trippers. In addition, it is also very convenient to change specifications, with the disadvantage of being very expensive

taking Mengniu Dairy's dry milk tablets as an example (product specification: cylindrical; diameter: 20mm; thickness: 7mm; plate type: 65*2mm), this paper introduces the production speed of several different blister packaging equipment

Bosch cn25 blister packaging machine in Germany

bosch's equipment experts suggested that Mengniu change the plate size to 60*112mm, which would be the most economical and reasonable plate design. According to the modified plate size, the cn25 equipment provided by Bosch will adopt track type trippers, and the blister plate will be formed into three plates at a time, with a maximum output of 183 plates/min

technical parameters of the equipment:

the computer screen controls and displays the experimental force and experimental curve. Maximum output: 250 plates/minute

maximum punching cycle: 250 strokes/minute

maximum travel speed of sheet: 11 meters/minute

step length: 180nn/step

maximum forming depth: 12mm

maximum version: 90*145mm

minimum version: 30*60mm

Italian ima tr135 blister bag every year.At 12% Expert tips on the equipment: if the cutting speed is not considered, the function of the zigzag experimental machine is not changed. 1. Automatic zero clearing: the computer can reach more than 180 ~ 190 plates/minute when it receives the instruction to change the plate type specification at the beginning of the experiment (2 plates per time, 95 times per minute). This kind of product should adopt the track type tripper equipped with dust and debris removal attachment. The specific feeding speed depends on the tolerance of milk tablets and the factors of surface properties. According to the properties of milk products, in order to achieve relatively high cutting efficiency, it is recommended to control the temperature and humidity of the production environment. If necessary, it can be considered to add vibration accessories on the feeding track or use special materials for track surface treatment

technical parameters of the equipment:

maximum forming plate area: 135*135mm

maximum punching speed: 240 plates/minute

maximum forming speed: 95 times/minute

blister plate forming range:

width: 30mm ~ 88mm

length: 60mm ~ 135mm

depth: 3mm ~ 12mm

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