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How about the configuration evaluation of Huoying Barrett B6 notebook? Using the optical touch mechanical keyboard

the Huoying notebook will soon launch a new game notebook: Huoying Huoying Barrett B6 new notebook. This notebook was opened for sale in the official Huoying flagship store on September 28, 2018. At present, it is in the process of making an appointment. The official flag at the end of the article includes links to information stores such as manufacturers, batch numbers and raw material batches. Please check it if you need it, Let's take a look at the configuration of this new Huoying Barrett B6 notebook

I. Introduction to the configuration of the new Huoying Barrett B6 Notebook:

this notebook screen is a 17.3-inch narrow frame screen, plus a 144hz E-sports screen. In terms of games, the display field of vision is worthy of recognition. Optical touch mechanical keyboard, removable keycap, CPU adopts IH processor, graphics card adopts gtx1060 independent graphics card, 16g memory, solid state disk 256g, and mechanical hard disk 1TB. From the configuration point of view, this is a medium and high-end game book in the market, At present, the official starting price is between, which seems to be a very cost-effective game book In terms of heat dissipation performance, Barrett B6 adopts a double fan five copper tube heat dissipation system, which is not afraid of high temperature

second, let's take a look at the use evaluation of other game books of Huoying:

1. It has been used for a period of time, and there is no abnormality in the computer. 8 seconds before the start of the boot speed, the cool appearance, metal fiber feel full, and the system is also very stable. Playing games can experience the original visual image

2 Strong performance. I bought stickers to protect the appearance. I played large games very smoothly for a few days. I really like this computer. The answers of customer service are very high. The logistics arrive very soon. The added services are very high. The performance materials exhibition will be held in Osaka. It's good, especially the heat dissipation function is very high.

3. The appearance is very satisfactory. It's what I want in my heart. The appearance is very cool, the boot speed is very fast, and the configuration is very satisfactory. I've watched the computer I chose for a long time, The effect is the same as I expected, very good

16 Applicable standards: ISO, ASTM, en, GB, DIN, JIS, ANSI, CSA, BS, AATCC, TAPPI, UL, VDE, IEC, CNS, etc

friends in need: Please Click to view the latest version of Huoying flagship store. 3. Quotation comments during installation "

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