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How to use collaborative knowledge management to improve organizational ability

collaborative knowledge management is an information management method that effectively combines the work, learning, communication, decision-making of enterprise members with the strategic objectives of the enterprise from the perspective of the overall strategy of the enterprise organization. It takes knowledge and process as the main line, and integrates knowledge collection, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing into the daily process operation of enterprises. Provide a public platform for the sustainable development of enterprises and the ability improvement of employees

using collaborative knowledge management to improve organizational ability starts with organizational ability itself. Organizational capabilities mainly include strategic capabilities, core processes, organizational structure and post system, etc. From Paul? In Green's model of organizational ability, we can understand that organizational ability is related to individual ability. We must develop organizational ability from two levels: organization and individual; The ability of an organization is related to the application and innovation of knowledge and technology. The foundation for an organization to acquire the ability of sustainable development is the ability to learn, create and apply knowledge and technology; The construction of organizational capacity and capacity performance are affected by values and behavior orientation. We should take the cultivation of values as an important aspect of the improvement of organizational capacity

from the above discussion, we can see that the ability of an organization can be improved from three aspects

1. The shaping and promotion of values

the values of an enterprise are the premise of the coordinated operation of an organization. Enterprise portal is one of the effective tools to promote enterprise values. Through the enterprise portal, the core values of the enterprise can be presented to employees in a simple and understandable way. In addition, we can establish a rapid communication channel between senior management and front-line employees through the president forum. BenQ group is one of the better enterprises in this field. In BenQ, every employee enters the internal portal system of the enterprise as soon as he logs in the computer every day. From the latest product release, external media reports on the company, as well as the latest activity information of internal employees who can fully mobilize the ability of human self-healing, you can get it here at the first time. Through getting along day and night, all employees will form a consistent value through the portal

a very important requirement of using portals to promote value management is that information can be updated quickly. This is mainly due to the collaborative knowledge management platform provided by BenQ Zhulu. Through this platform, both new information content and page style can be updated quickly without the assistance of technicians. In addition, through this highly scalable platform, many ideas of human resources can be realized quickly, such as using the forum component provided by the platform, they built the 1234 emergency problem processing center, and using the query domestic mine market price stability component, they built the enterprise internal 114 number inquiry station. wait. Using electronic bulletin component to establish internal electronic journals of enterprise culture

2. The formation of organizational learning and organizational innovation atmosphere

building a learning organization is what every enterprise manager hopes to do, but if it really needs to be implemented, I don't know where to start. It can be seen from many cases that the main reason is the lack of a learning atmosphere, which is not formed by holding several meetings with several people, nor can it be achieved by posting a few slogans in the company. He needs to integrate into every detail of every employee's daily work, study and life

there are mainly two ways of learning: one-way and two-way. Unidirectional learning mainly refers to learning through reading from external media such as networks and books. Two way refers to mutual improvement through communication with other personnel. These two methods are often limited by some objective factors in enterprises. As learned above, many enterprises are afraid that employees' permission will affect their normal work, so they restrict their permission, which also limits the channels of employees' learning. Another kind of e-mail communication, many office employees like to exchange some information through e-mail. The enterprise it will be forced by the load pressure of the mail server and the company's confidentiality policy will restrict the spread of mail. Of course, there are many such cases. Knowledge management system can solve these problems well. Firstly, the knowledge management system has an internal knowledge base. The content of the knowledge base can be contributed by internal employees or obtained by searching from external stations. All employees can learn through the knowledge base. In addition, the collaborative knowledge management platform provides many functions that are conducive to employees' learning. For example, knowledge recommendation can recommend what you think is good in learning to colleagues, and knowledge subscription can subscribe to the content you are interested in, so that the system will automatically send a notification to you. Knowledge search can search the key information you need on the whole collaborative knowledge platform. Knowledge association can further understand the content related to a certain content when learning it

in addition, associate employees' learning with their job performance. For example, in a high-tech manufacturing industry, employees' performance indicators include knowledge contribution in addition to work accidents, that is, how many work skills and work experiences are shared with knowledge management platforms or their colleagues. Of course, working environment and daily propaganda are also very important methods

3. The improvement of the ability of organization members

certainly can't be so big and so strong. The improvement of organizational ability will eventually fall on every member of the organization. The ability improvement of each member of an organization is an important embodiment of the improvement of organizational ability. To improve the ability of each member of the organization, first understand what abilities each member of the organization needs to improve. First of all, we should establish a list of capabilities for each member of the organization, that is, how capable each member of the organization is in all aspects when its global warming potential is equal to or less than 2 carbon oxides. Secondly, we need to establish a list of post capabilities, that is, what are the required capabilities of the posts that the organization members are engaged in? Finding out the gap between the two will also find the direction that organization members need to work on. Only in this way can the ability improvement of the members of the organization be consistent with the improvement of the overall ability of the organization

knowledge map is a good tool to improve employees' organizational ability. First, the list of post capabilities can be presented to employees in the form of knowledge map, so that employees can have a clear direction of efforts. Secondly, the post knowledge map can be established according to the post capacity list, which provides a fast channel for employees to improve their ability. In addition to the knowledge map, a clear training plan and convenient online learning are also important methods to improve employees' ability

the improvement of organizational ability is a long-term systematic project and an important supporting point for the realization of organizational development strategy. To this end, each of our organizations should formulate its own capacity development plan and continue to carry out capacity improvement efforts in order to achieve sustainable development of the organization. Making full use of modern IT technology tools and perfect management system will make this process more rapid and effective. (end)

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