How to use Baole ap380b air purifier

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Aibaole ap380b air purifier how to use evaluation of air air purifier ap380b

air aibaole air purifier household bedroom living room armor removal Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been producing experimental machines for customers in good faith with the principle of large manufacturers for so many years. You can use our company's product aldehyde haze removal sterilization special offer ap380b

year-end huge benefit aldehyde haze double effect super new national standard

First use effect: This purifier is placed in the bedroom, and its sensitivity is particularly high. 3. When it is just opened, the friction force measurement should be accurate. It shows that it is more than 90, and it drops to 20 after half an hour, and the appearance is atmospheric! Cost effective

evaluation after one year of use (indoor formaldehyde content changes) : expand to view detailed evaluation comments>

product parameters:

Product Name: aircraft ap380b

brand: aircraft

model: ap380b

Noise: DB

control method: touch

intelligent type: other

filter type: composite filter

Product No.: ap380b

Color Classification: ap380b

air volume: 400 cubic meters/hour

applicable area: 31m^2 (included) -40m^2 (included)

function: regular pollen removal, formaldehyde removal, smoke removal, dust removal and sterilization

working principle: activity can compare the performance measured by different materials. Carbon anion HEPA technology other

air purification product category: air purifier

air volume: 400 cubic meters/hour in addition to the standard provisions

power supply mode: AC

after sales service: national joint insurance

applicable objects: commercial and household

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