How to use and maintain the hottest seed cleaner

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How to use and maintain the seed cleaner

seed loading sample steps: use and maintenance methods of the cleaner:

the compound seed cleaner has wide adaptability. By changing the sieve and adjusting the air volume, it can select the seeds of wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, rape, grass and green manure. The use and maintenance requirements of this machine are high, and a little negligence will affect the quality of seed selection. Now the use and maintenance of the machine are introduced as follows

1. it is best to operate the cleaning machine indoors. The parking place of the machine should be flat and solid, and the convenient dust discharge should be considered

2. Before operation, check whether the connecting screws at all parts are fastened, whether the transmission parts rotate flexibly, whether there is abnormal sound, and whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate. Inlet pump valve

3. When changing varieties during operation, be sure to remove the remaining seeds in the machine and keep the machine running for 5~10 minutes. At the same time, switch the handle of the front and rear air volume adjustment hand safety protection device for several times to remove the remaining species and impurities deposited in the front, middle and rear rooms. After confirming that there are no seeds and impurities flowing out of several storage chambers, the machine can be stopped. First, clean the seeds and impurities on the upper screen surface to the trash discharge tank, and then remove the upper screen surface and clean the lower screen surface

4. If you have to work outdoors due to limited conditions, you should find a shelter to park the machine and place it downwind to reduce the impact of wind on the selection effect. When the wind speed is greater than grade 3, the installation of wind barriers should be considered

5. Before each operation, oil should be added to the sliding points of polyvinylidene fluoride, pet, other fluororesins and silicone resins, silicone oil, etc. after that, clean and check them, and eliminate the faults in time

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