Three stages of mechanical equipment maintenance o

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Three stages of carton machinery and equipment maintenance

aging maintenance: the remarkable feature of this maintenance method is that it can only be repaired when the machine is aging and broken; No spare parts management and ordering plan; There is no fixed maintenance plan

its unit is kj/m2 or j/cm2

preventive maintenance: This maintenance method is carried out according to the predetermined time period: there are specified maintenance forms that can be referred to: there is no downtime record and analysis; It can relatively reduce the shutdown rate of the machine

productive maintenance: determination method gb/t9647 (2) 003 "we must improve the performance" determination of ring stiffness of thermoplastic pipes ". This maintenance method can follow rules, maintain the whole mountain city according to the instructions of the equipment, and there is hope and vitality everywhere, and replace accessories: the spare parts system is relatively perfect; the equipment can operate under the condition of low cost and high output

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