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Ruijieluo's eight SDN switches were certified for openflow v1.3 consistency

at the 2016 GNTC global networking technology conference held recently, China's leading brand of data communication solutions ruijieluo's three series of eight switches passed the openflow v1.3 consistency test of the global SDN testing and certification center and obtained the relevant certification certificate issued by onf. In addition to the two products that have passed the test before, 10 products of ruijieluo have obtained the authoritative certification of openflow v1.3 conformance test, which not only fully demonstrates the leadership of ruijieluo in the field of SDN technology standardization, but also plays a role in boosting and accelerating the large-scale commercial deployment of domestic SDN and the innovative application of next-generation network technology

William snow, vice president of onf, issued openflow consistency certification for Ruijie

the equipment that obtained openflow v1.3 consistency certification this time includes Ruijie rg-s2910xs-e series new generation high-efficiency and energy-saving switches, rg-s2910-h series high-power Ethernet power supply (hpoe) switches and rg-s5750-h new generation high-performance Ethernet switches. In addition, Ruijie's previously certified products include: rg-s6220-h series data center and cloud computing 10 Gigabit switch, rg-n18010 (Newton) cloud architecture network core switch. From the perspective of service bearing and the main purpose of the equipment, the date when the full series of Ruijie switch products passed the openflow v1.3 consistency certification is within reach

Ruijie Luo rg-s5750-h series of new generation high-performance Ethernet switches

have passed the onf openflow v1.3 consistency certification

in addition to fully supporting the project, the goal is to "build and test whether the space structure is suitable for the use of space vehicles, adhere to the SDN characteristics, and comply with the openflow 1.3 agreement standards. Ruijie's three series of products that have passed the consistency certification this time have their own characteristics in terms of performance highlights. (1) Rg-s2910xs-e series: using the latest processing chip in the industry, the test strength of port P-Free instant paper and core paper to calculate hy design, as well as the sharp and advanced hardware process design, this series of products achieve the achievement of saving energy by more than 40% compared with the same grade products. (2) Rg-s2910-h series: it can provide a single port 90W Poe output capacity, which can be widely used in weak current construction and reconstruction scenarios, and meet the power supply needs of high-power terminals in monitoring, access control, information release, parking lot, DDC, high-power wireless hotspot access and other systems, effectively solving the problems of high deployment cost, long deployment cycle, unstable power supply, difficult operation and maintenance management, and low safety factor. (3) Rg-s5750-h series: it has flexible Gigabit access and high-density 10 Gigabit port expansion capacity. Improper double disassembly will cause changes in pendulum torque and impact center position; The expansion slot design supports the uplink capability of high-density and high-performance ports, and fully meets the deployment requirements of users in high-density access and high-performance convergence scenarios

nowadays, the network architecture has ushered in a historic change. SDN (Software Defined Network) is considered to be an important direction of the next generation network reform, and the market acceptance of SDN southbound interface protocol standard openflow is also increasing. As the only certificate for testing whether the equipment in the SDN market conforms to the openflow standard, the openflow conformance certificate is widely recognized by insiders according to introducers. Being able to pass this test and certification can not only shorten the development cycle of manufacturers, but also stabilize and enhance users' application confidence

as an old network equipment manufacturer, ruijieluo not only started early in SDN technology research, but also set up an openflow team to take the lead in opening the commercial practice of SDN products among domestic network communication manufacturers. Ruijie network takes the lead in the domestic SDN technology field step by step, and has a large number of landing group cases in education, finance, government, Internet and other industries. At the same time, Ruijie also actively supports national university SDN network application innovation and development competition and other activities, and strives to create an integrated ecosystem of production, learning, research and application, which has become a key role in the development of China's SDN industry

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