Eight points for comprehensive maintenance of the

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Eight points for comprehensive maintenance of laser printer

1 " Comprehensive maintenance of the laser printer refers to the disassembly of the printer for comprehensive inspection and cleaning. All mechanical operating parts shall be cleaned and the lubricating grease shall be replaced again. The disassembly steps should be in order and should not be confused. The removed screws should not be placed randomly, let alone mixed. After cleaning, install according to the original sequence, and there should be no missing parts

2. The vulnerable parts of the printer should be replaced, focusing on the inspection of the main motor gear, paper suction cam, transfer roller gear, fusing roller gear, spacers at both ends of the fusing roller, paper take-up wheel and alignment roller gear

3. When unplugging and inserting the plug of the circuit board, pay attention to gently unplugging and gently inserting with even force. It is forbidden to forcibly unplug and insert to avoid unplugging the wiring. Remember the color and location of the plug, and mark it with adhesive tape if necessary. When installing, seat it according to the mark, and do not insert it incorrectly, otherwise it may cause faults, even fatal faults. Pay attention

4. When cleaning the dirt on the circuit board, first sweep the dust with a brush, then suck it with a vacuum cleaner, then use a clean cotton dipped in a small amount of alcohol to remove the dirt that is not easy to remove from the circuit board, and finally dry it with an electric hair dryer. Do not use sharp tools to forcibly scrape dirt on the circuit board or components to avoid damaging components, and do not use corrosive solutions to clean

5. When disassembling the laser scanning component, pay attention to make a mark, otherwise the diagonal distortion of the output text will be caused after restoration, and the correction is more troublesome. When cleaning the collimator, lens and reflector, it is best to use the special cloth (suede) for wiping the lens, and do not use the hairy materials (cotton, etc.) for cleaning. Once there is powder, wool and other objects left on the mirror, there will be inaccurate printing, and sharp objects cannot be used to clean all kinds of lenses or mirrors. The reflector cannot be cleaned with solvents such as gasoline and ethane, otherwise it is easy to cause the coating protective layer of the reflector to fall off and affect the reflection ability

6. The transfer roller should not be washed with water to give full play to the decisive role of factors in the market, promote the development of financial markets or scrub with solvent. First, gently tap the transfer roller with a flat wooden board, suck it repeatedly with a vacuum cleaner after the dirt is soft, and finally apply a small amount of conductive grease on one end of the conductive electrode and put it in place. It must not be replaced by ordinary grease

7. When disassembling the fixing device, pay attention to the sequence, and be careful not to smash the heating lamp (glass products). After taking out the heating roller, apply a small amount of alcohol or MEK solution to the surface of the heating roller first, and wipe it with a soft cloth after about 10 minutes to wipe off the toner adhered to the surface of the heating roller. The pressure rubber roller can also be cleaned in the same way. Do not try to blunt the separation plate or separation claw. Although it is beneficial to protect the fluorine film on the surface of the heating roller (polytetrafluoroethylene), it is easy to cause poor paper separation and paper jam. Carefully remove the dirt on the surface of thermistor and thermal protection switch. If the surface is damaged, it should be replaced in time. Generally, the main reason for the wear of the heating roller is the thermistor and the thermal protection switch. Therefore, when replacing the heating roller, the above components should be replaced at the same time

8. The maintenance of the mechanical transmission device is more intuitive. Check whether all gears have tooth loss, especially the gears of the fusing device. They work under the condition of high temperature and poor lubrication, and the gears are damaged faster. If the fusing gear has teeth dropping or serious wear, it will lead to asynchronous operation and irregular paper jam

if the result of the authoritative appraisal is obvious, the maintenance of the laser printer is a time-consuming work. Don't be impatient, be patient and careful, otherwise, there will be unexpected bad consequences after the maintenance and recovery. It is very necessary to make all preparations before work. If you maintain some unfamiliar models, you must make all kinds of marks. It is best to concentrate on 980.7 to complete the work in a short time, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble caused by forgetting the location of components and unable to find the schematic diagram

(Lin Qishui, Information Institute of Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

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