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Eight notes on the use and maintenance of high-end color TVs

due to the rapid development of electronic technology, color TV products also show a variety of types, such as the latest plasma color TV, rear projection color TV and other high-end products. In fact (5) the process of filling polyurethane foam in the thermal insulation chamber is for the foamed thermal insulation aluminum profile. Different color TV products, which weigh only one fifth, also differ in the use method. The following are eight aspects that usually need to be paid attention to in the use of color TV

1. Don't be too bright. If the fluorescent screen is too bright for a long time, it will affect the luminous efficiency of the phosphor, and accelerate the aging of the cathode plate of the CRT electronic tensile testing machine, which is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system, computer and other structures, so as to shorten the service life of the CRT. Moreover, the higher the brightness, the greater the power consumption, and it will also make the viewer's eyes tired, which is detrimental to the protection of vision

2. Do not use the same socket with other mains. Take refrigerators and color TVs for example, their starting current is very large. The starting current of refrigerators is 5 times the rated current, and the starting current of color TVs is 7 to 10 times the rated current. If it is started at the same time, the socket contact and lead are unbearable, which will affect each other and cause unexpected harm

3. The increase is $0.3 per kilogram. Do not be disturbed by the magnetic field. Take refrigerators and color TV sets for example. For color TV sets, strong electromagnetic waves will be generated when the refrigerator is started and operated. If the refrigerator and TV are too close, the color TV image will be unstable and noise and other interference phenomena will appear

4. Do not open and close frequently. Because the filament of the picture tube overheats once every time it is turned on, which will accelerate the aging of the picture tube

5. Do not put it in the place exposed to strong light. Strong light shining directly on the screen for a long time will cause the phosphor to change and shorten its service life

6. Don't get damp. Once the moisture invades, it will cause fire in the machine, mold break of the coil, corrosion of machine parts and other adverse consequences, which is very easy to cause disaster

7. Do not use cold water or wet rags to wipe the newly started TV screen. This can prevent the picture tube from bursting

8. Do not start the machine continuously for too long. Generally, after watching for 3 hours, it is best to take a rest for minutes before starting the machine, so as to prevent the temperature of components in the machine from rising and burning components such as transformers, high-voltage silicon blocks and row output, so as to avoid explosion and fire

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