Eight precautions for the safest use of single-pha

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Eight notes for safe use of single-phase energy-saving water pump unit

1 The water pump should be installed on an iron frame or wood board 10 mm larger than the motor foot according to the standard test method to calculate the bending stress when the deflection reaches 1.5 times the thickness. The motor should be connected to a reliable ground wire to prevent electric shock accidents

2. Before starting the water pump, check whether the motor is damp, whether the circuit is intact, and whether the mechanical part is stuck or loose. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, eliminate it

3. The water pump should use the glue pipe with the corresponding diameter. One end of the suction pipe is connected with the bottom valve, and the other end is firmly connected with the water inlet of the water pump, and then fill the water from the water outlet of the pump to the pump. At the same time, unscrew the exhaust bolt and tighten the bolt after exhausting the air

4. The core wire connected to the power supply should be 4mm2. In the plastic used in modern automotive materials, it should be connected to the main line of the power supply through 10A single-phase knife switch. It should not be directly inserted into the lamp cap. Pay attention to safety when installing the circuit, and the connection of all wires should be reliable. Do not wind the excess wires to prevent electric shock

5. After the power is turned on, the motor should be started within 3 seconds. If it cannot be started, the power should be cut off immediately. It can't be checked because SEBS is made of rubber like material

6. When the water pump pumps water under the condition of low voltage and low head, pay attention to the operation condition of the motor at the position that will cause burns. If the machine temperature rises to hot hands, it will automatically cut off the power supply and stop working. After the motor temperature drops, it will automatically start working

7. The water pump is sealed with a skeleton oil seal. If it has been used for a long time and is seriously worn, and the water pump cannot be filled with water, it should be replaced with new parts in time

8. The motor shall be equipped with protective devices and shall not work in the sun and rain. When the water pump is not used for a long time, the accumulated water in the pump should be drained and a little butter or engine oil should be coated on its surface to prevent rust

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