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Eight points for the use of electric agricultural machinery

agriculture September 18 weak wait-and-see machinery in the spot market of steel raw materials is generally classified by purpose. Most of them are specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agriculture and the special requirements of various operations, such as soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, crop harvesting machinery, animal husbandry machinery and agricultural product processing machinery. Another part of agricultural machinery is common with other industries, and 29.42 can be directly selected according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agricultural power machinery, water pumps in farmland drainage and irrigation machinery, etc; Or design these machines into agricultural variants according to the characteristics and needs of agriculture, such as agricultural vehicles and trailers in agricultural transportation machinery and soil and stone machinery in farmland construction machinery

agricultural machinery can also be classified according to the power used and its supporting methods. The power used in agricultural machinery can be divided into two parts: one part is used for the walking or moving of agricultural machinery, which can be divided into human (hand-held, backpack, chest hook and push-pull), animal traction, tractor traction and power self-propelled type; The other part is used to drive the working parts of agricultural machinery, which can be divided into human (hand, foot, etc.) drive, animal power drive, electromechanical power drive (using internal combustion engines, wind turbines, motors, etc.) and tractor drive. On the same agricultural machinery, these two parts can use the same or different power. According to the matching mode of agricultural machinery and tractors, the main component of bubble gum is polyvinyl acetate, which is of traction, suspension and semi suspension types

according to the operation mode, agricultural machinery can be divided into walking operation and fixed operation. In the agricultural machinery of walking operation, there are two types of continuous walking operation in the process of continuous travel and intermittent walking operation alternating with the process of travel and operation. Among the agricultural machinery with fixed operation, there are two types: the movable type that can transfer the operation place under non operation state and the non movable type that the operation place is always fixed

according to the operation location, agricultural machinery is divided into field operation (fields, pastures, orchards, etc.), yard operation, indoor operation (plants, machine rooms, warehouses, greenhouses, poultry houses, etc.), water or water operation (rivers, channels, reservoirs, wells, etc.), road operation and aviation operation

1. The metal shell of electric agricultural machinery must have a reliable grounding device or temporary grounding device to avoid personal electric shock accidents

2. When moving electric agricultural machines and tools, you must turn off the power supply in advance and never move with electricity

3. The power supply lines of electric agricultural machines and tools must be installed in accordance with the electricity rules, and it is strictly forbidden to pull and connect them randomly. If the agricultural machines and tools are far away from the power supply, double pole switches and capacitor breakers should be installed separately near the agricultural machines and tools, so that the power supply can be cut off quickly in case of accidents

4. The scale scale of electric agricultural machinery should be clear and uniform. In case of failure, it needs to be powered off for maintenance, and live work is not allowed. At the same time, warning signs such as "no switching on" and "someone working" should be hung, or special personnel should be assigned to guard, so as to prevent someone from closing the knife switch by mistake

5. Agricultural machines and tools using single-phase motors should be equipped with low-voltage electric shock protectors, which should always be sensitive and reliable. In this way, the power supply can be automatically cut off in the event of an accident, so that the person who gets an electric shock is out of danger

6. Agricultural machines and tools that have not been used for a long time or are affected by moisture should be tested before being put into normal operation. If it does not operate after being powered on, it must be immediately switched off to prevent burning of agricultural machinery and endangering personal safety

7. Operators of agricultural machines and tools should strengthen their awareness of safety precautions and strictly implement the operating procedures. During operation, wear insulated shoes, do not wipe electrical equipment with hands and wet cloth, and do not hang clothes on wires

8. In case of electrical fire, switch off immediately. Don't splash water to fight the fire before switching off the power, so as to prevent power transmission and leakage. If someone gets an electric shock, cut off the power supply immediately and save others. If the knife switch is far away from the place of electric shock, the wire can be lifted away with an insulator such as a wooden stick. Never drag the person who gets an electric shock by hand, otherwise the person who drags it will also get an electric shock

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