Eight problems needing attention in the use of the

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Eight problems that should be paid attention to in the use of free fall machine

eight problems that should be paid attention to in the use of free fall machine

Dongguan Haida instrument records the computer to display the pneumatic value of 808/

1. Install the test materials as required, otherwise unexpected faults may occur

2. Please be sure to turn off the power supply during wiring and maintenance. In order to prevent accidents and electric shock caused by the loss of control of the machine during operation, please be sure to turn off the power supply before operation

3. (3) the interfaces on the controller correspond one by one. Please improve the installation environment; Please put it in a place with room temperature and low humidity. (80% of them are equivalent to the experimental method of JIS in Japan, and there is no condensation under the standard specification of materials), places with little dust and dust

4. In principle, three-phase 380V power supply is used for power distribution. Please consult with electrical engineers or people with equivalent knowledge about power supply and power engineering

5. Please do not use this equipment for purposes other than specified tests and materials

6. Be sure to use the power cord provided with the equipment. Please contact our company if you find any abnormality in the power cord and power plug. Change or instruct the service personnel of our company

7. In order to prevent fire and internal circuit damage, please do not use fuses other than those specified. When replacing the fuse, please use the fuse with the same model and shape as the original equipment

8. Warning it should be noted that the application or condition being performed has a high risk, which may cause personal injury or even death

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