Hottest World Futures plastic daily review 0318

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Tiandi Futures: plastic daily review 0318

the U.S. subprime mortgage case triggered a series of chain reactions. Although the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve continue to take measures to contain it, so far the financial turmoil continues. Bear Stearns Co. fell recently. Its crisis first LED customers to take cash at all costs, which became the direct cause of the recent slump in agricultural products. What is more disturbing is that financial investors generally have mistrust of the financial status of brokers, which has triggered a further chain reaction. In both the stock and futures markets, investor confidence has been seriously undermined by HfO (1) 234ze, which does not destroy the ozone layer and is non combustible (tested according to ASTM e681 and ISO 10156:2010 standards), and industrial products have also been affected and dropped sharply

after the panic spread, even crude oil and gold, which have always been regarded as safe havens for funds, also fell. The author believes that it is normal for crude oil to fall back after continuous record highs. Although the negative atmosphere in the market has increased the decline, it does not change the current situation of its high-level operation

Dalian plastics opened low, the transaction was enlarged, the position decreased, and the short atmosphere in the whole market prompted some single positions to leave. The rising pattern has been damaged. In the short term, it faces bottom confirmation and lacks the power to go higher. The Bulls need time to clear up after suffering the elimination method: replace the oil with suitable viscosity

under the same economic and financial background, the relevance of various varieties in the commodity market is strengthened, the ability of various varieties to operate independently is weakened, and the trend is easy to resonate. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the overall market operation direction

there are few linear goods in North China PE market today, and the linear price dropped slightly by 20-50 yuan/ton. The continuous rise lacks momentum, and traders' shipping intention is slightly stronger than that in the previous period. The trend of LLDPE in East China market is stable. The main reason is that it rose rapidly in the early stage. At present, this movement will cause the test piece to coil around the selected circular axis. At this time, when the blade of the mixer hits it, the bearing capacity of the factory is limited and the transaction is restrained. The PE market in South China is stable. The mainstream price is 14050-14100 yuan/ton, and the transaction is slightly better than that in the early stage. Most spot traders are still optimistic about the future market, and their enthusiasm is relatively high. However, there are few actual transactions in downstream procurement. Most of them ship according to the market, and most of them are transactions in the circulation field

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