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Usage evaluation: siemens/Siemens 92 these products enable the home appliance brand manufacturers (OEMs) not only to meet the international safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances (en60335 ⑴) 4+71236 self-cleaning high suction range hood gas stove set meal

siemens/Siemens 924+71236 self-cleaning high suction range hood gas stove set meal

18m3 high suction high wind pressure elegant new precise fire control

one month's experience: after trying the smoke machine, I feel that the smoke is very strong. After the stove is lit, the flame is not very high, but the sound of exhaling combustion is very fierce. Compared with the original gas stove at home, the power is much larger. The installation workers were sent to work very carefully. They not only worked carefully, but also tried to find the most reasonable path for the gas pipe. Praise the quality and after-sales of Siemens brand

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but it is troublesome to deal with them

siemens/Siemens 924+71236 self-cleaning high suction range hood

product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: range hood

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: Siemens ens/Siemens

Model: lc45sa924w+er71236

range hood exhaust high temperature universal material experimental machine quantity: 18m3/min

color classification: lc45sa924w+er71236

fuel type: natural gas

control panel material of range hood: tempered glass

gas stove structure: embedded

range hood installation position: top suction

intra city service: intra city installation of Ambo circuit board companies specializing in printed circuit boards

after sales service: national joint insurance

type of smoke and range elimination package: smoke and range combination

type of range hood: European style

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