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Open the wooden door, select the door materials, take care of the family's health, scientific silence, reduce noise pollution, aesthetic design, eliminate visual pollution, and create a healthy and comfortable living environment for you

but life should not be like this

The existence of World Environment Day reminds us to love nature and build our beautiful home

according to relevant statistics, more than 80% of the urban population spend more than 70% of their time indoors, among which children, pregnant women and the elderly stay indoors longer than other groups. The survey confirmed that in modern cities, indoor pollution index is no less than outdoor pollution index

in fact, in addition to creating green mountains, green waters and blue skies outdoors, we should also create indoor health and comfort

there are three major indoor pollution: air pollution, noise pollution and visual pollution. In fact, kaiyangmumen has been working hard against these three major pollutants

optimize door materials and take care of family health

the World Health Organization announced that 100000 people worldwide die of asthma every year due to indoor air pollution, of which 35% are children. The prevalence of asthma in children in China is 2% - 5%, of which 85% are under the age of 5

the main source of indoor air pollution is the pollution of indoor decoration materials and furniture, that is, the harmful components such as benzene and formaldehyde exceed the standard

in terms of production, kaiyangmumen sticks to looking for superior wood from nature, strictly abides by EU environmental protection standards in the production process, controls formaldehyde content from the source, and takes care of family health

scientific mute, reduce noise pollution

in addition to all kinds of outdoor traffic sound, building construction sound, industrial equipment sound... It is harmful to our health. In fact, there are many indoor noise pollution, such as TV sound, washing machine sound, pet sound and so on

we cannot eliminate noise, but we can slow down the spread of noise. The thickness of the open wooden door is upgraded to 45mm for free. The scientific mute structure is adopted, and the built-in German bridge opening mechanical mute board has good sound insulation effect and improves the indoor quietness index; With a safer magnetic mute lock, it creates a quiet and comfortable activity space for family members

aesthetic design, put an end to visual pollution

visual pollution refers to that people will have sensory fatigue and emotional irritability about those ugly, dirty and poor things seen by the naked eye, which will affect their physical and mental health

Augustine once said, "beauty is the appropriate proportion of all parts, plus a pleasing color." Therefore, in the design of wooden doors and wall panels, Kaiyang wooden doors not only inject fashionable elements such as lines and metals, but also adhere to the beauty of proportion and color, leading a comfortable aesthetic life visually

solving the mess is the specialty of the cabinet. The open wooden door can design cabinets in various forms, such as TV cabinet, dining cabinet, clothes cabinet... Each cabinet has been standardized and customized to perfectly meet the needs of various house types, and the home is clean and tidy

in fact, whether it is the earth or our small home, creating a healthy and comfortable living environment should be the original intention of every foreigner

when facing the problem of environmental pollution, kaiyangmumen, who is already taking action, is willing to stick to it and contribute to the return to green

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